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    Talking About Nebraska & Senior Night

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 4, 2014

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Head Coach Tom Crean talks about the final regular season home game against Nebraska and also Senior Night.

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    On the senior managers (Clayton Fletcher, Chris Chaffe and Brendan Yu):
    "Clayton and Kyle Fletcher are two tremendous young men that have obviously been raised extremely well and are a big part of the Bloomington community with their father being the principal at Bloomington South. What those two do is anything and everything that is needed in the program. They are selfless. Kyle has been with us longer than Clayton because Clayton transferred back. But they have been tremendous and have been in the travel group the whole time. I'm glad we still have Kyle back.

    "Chris (Chaffe) has been another one that epitomizes what we want done. He can do video, he can rebound with the players or he can do any part of the practice that we need him to be involved in. He, too, is selfless. He played for Al Rhodes (head coach at Penn (Ind.) High School) and has a tremendous background and is very smart.

    "Brendan Yu is another senior manager. Jack Keefer (head coach at Lawrence North High School) mentioned him to me while he was still there. I don't think Jack is one of those guys that ever recommend anything that he doesn't believe because I know he doesn't like it being done to him. He was adamant about Brendan and he was absolutely right. Brendan has been tremendous. This year when our video coordinator situation changed, he moved into an even greater role on our staff.

    "I'm really proud of those guys and I think all three of them have great futures."

    On the senior players (Will Sheehey, Evan Gordon, Jeff Howard and Taylor Wayer):
    "It has been fun to watch them grow. Taylor Wayer has shown leadership. He has shown his teammates what it means to go through adversity and challenges and continue to be the same person and continue to get better. He was coached by Travis Dougherty, who coached Derek Elston, so he came highly recommended. He has continued to work, and like all the other walk-ons, they don't get the accolades and the playing time that some of the better players get, but they get all the grief and all the coaching. I think he has responded really well to that.



    "Jeff Howard has earned his way into being a guy that we can count on. He has done a great job in practice, as has Taylor. But Jeff has gone in and been instrumental in games. To see where Jeff has come from his freshman year until now has been tremendous. We feel very confident in him. Jeff is a `play on demand' guy. He is the pitcher that can start the game and give you six innings, he can come on in middle relief and get you two or three innings or he can come out and get the last batter out. That's what he has done a little bit with closing games because we really trust him.

    "Evan Gordon is a guy that wanted to be back in Indiana. He has a great future in front of him. I just wish we would have been able to coach him longer because he would be even more indoctrinated into what we are trying to do. But he is getting better and working at it. He is spending time improving and when his intensity level is high, we are a better basketball team.

    "And with Will, when it's all said and done, long after this is done and years and decades pass, everyone will remember Will Sheehey for being a huge part of the comeback of this program. Not just the comeback of the team but the comeback of the program. The program always stayed strong because the foundation was so strong - the tradition, the fans, the former players, the winning was there - but the culture had dropped. It didn't come back easily. It was guys like Will that changed that culture with their work ethic and winning and edge. And he continues to do that to this day."

    On Nebraska:
    "There's no question they are playing as well as anyone in the league. They can beat you in a lot of different ways. In watching game film today, they can win with the 2-man game, the 3-man game, defense, 3-point shooting. What you can't do is make mistakes around them. They shoot an incredible amount of free throws when they win. They shoot 26 free throws when they win and just under 13 when they lose. So they are an extremely aggressive basketball team. They put shooters and drivers on the court and they really know how to play with one another. Tim (Miles) is an excellent coach and it is going to be an absolute battler. There is no question. They beat us and we will remember that as will they. It is senior night and we have to take all of the emotion out of that and play with great energy, fierceness and toughness. And we are going to need our crowd to absolutely help carry us the whole way through."

    On tale of two halves for Terran Petteway against Indiana the first time:
    "He didn't see help and we gave him angles. He's a tremendously strong wing player. He can really drop his shoulders and he has to see help before he starts his move. At the same time, we made mistakes, man or zone, by coming off the wrong people. When that team wins, they are really, really good at getting to the foul line and Petteway is a big, big part of that.

    "They put really good shooters on the court and their five man, so to speak, plays like a two, three man in Walter Pitchford, so you have to guard him as a perimeter player constantly. Because they space so well and drive it, you have to make sure that it's early help, early recovery, and not get away from the guys that can make shots.

    "It would be different if it was just Petteway and everybody else. It's not. He's the leading scorer and playing great but they have a lot of other guys that play well and Tim (Miles) does a good job of putting them in positions to make plays. Really, Petteway has got to see other defenders before he starts his move. There's no question."


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