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    Coach Crean on Senior Day and Northwestern

    Go Hoosiers! Senior Tijan Jobe
    Go Hoosiers!
    Senior Tijan Jobe
    Go Hoosiers!

    March 5, 2010

    Tom Crean
    March 5, 2010

    On the seniors:
    "I think that with Brett (Finkelmeier), without a doubt he has persevered through a lot of different things. He has stayed consistently who he is from the beginning of getting to know him. That is a very diligent student and a very caring guy. He has had numerous chances that he could have done something different, but he always wanted to stay with this. He has played and practiced very hard throughout the time with us. Even when not getting minutes, you would never notice it with the way he practices. I think his teammates really enjoy him and I don't think there is any doubt that he is going to have great success. One of the things that stands out to me is that in these two years with him, every trip we took, whether it was to Maui, whether it was to Puerto Rico, whether it was a bus ride to Purdue, that guy was engaged in something academically, and not just sitting back watching movies. He is working a little less at this time because he is pretty set on where he is going and what he is going to do. Still, he is just constantly making himself better, and I think that says a lot about him.

    "Steven Gambles is the one that, to me, has really persevered through a lot. He has not been with us a lot as of late, and he is going to come back tomorrow, and that was the agreement that we made. He has been attending to family issues with his grandfather. He has been dealing with it for some time, really since Christmas break. It got to the point where, without being dramatic, he just needed to spend more time with that, but the agreement we made was that I wanted him leaving here an Indiana basketball graduate and not just an Indiana graduate. So, we will definitely honor him tomorrow.

    "Devan Dumes was one of the first guys to come and join this. I would say that he has grown a lot, he has learned a lot, he has helped a lot. He has brought a lot of different things to the equation. Some of the successes that we've had over these two years, he has had a big hand in them. I would think he has probably learned an awful lot and done some very good things.



    "Tijan (Jobe) is unique in the sense that you can't imagine how much better he is. Last year we told him, `Tijan, you have to make some real changes here or you're probably not going to be able to stay.' And, the changes were going to be on how much more he was concerned about getting better athletically and building all of those things. What you saw with him running on campus, that became what we saw all the time. That became who he is. It wasn't who he was when he got here. He has been through a lot. That has been a model citizen in this program for so long. I know there are not going to be stories written about his basketball career, but when you look at the improvement he has made and the character that he has, when you look at the fact that he got on a plane years ago to come to this country and his family said good bye and from that point on he did not see them and he still has not had an opportunity yet to mourn the death of his mother. He'll have his brother here tomorrow, he is extremely proud of that. It is very unique. There have been a lot of unique things that have happened here, some really good, some not so good. That young man has made a difference because he has gotten so much better. We just finished practice and we called an alley-oop play. We ran it and he dunked it so hard. He couldn't have done that four months ago. He is a really unique guy. "

    "I think all four guys are going to graduate, they're going to graduate on time. They've done very good things. They've been a part of a heck of a rebuilding project, and I hope that people in this state remember that. They won't remember them for the banners that they hung, but I hope that they will remember them for the trying times that they went through, and I hope that they are always in high demand in the work place in this state if they choose to stay here."

    On Northwestern:
    "There is no question we panicked too quick when we got down. One of the things that has really hurt us over a period of time is that the game continued to sit at a very workable number for us to come back. Ten, 12, 14 points, those are not big deficits in a long game, especially when you've got a chance to score and they're not taking it down to five seconds every time. We just didn't do a good enough job defensively early and we didn't communicate very well at all defensively early. I don't think we were as good as we needed to be around the basket offensively. So, those are things we've really got to try to improve upon knowing that they can come with their combination defense, which is really a switching defense, and they can come with their 1-3-1. We've just got to play the game, and we've just got to have some schemes and everything, but really it comes down to ball movement, physical play, posting aggressively, and getting the ball swung. But you can never lax on any one of the guys they put on the court, shooting the ball wise. We short-armed shooters way too much in that game."


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