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    Spring Update with Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley

    Go Hoosiers! Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley
    Go Hoosiers!
    Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley
    Go Hoosiers!

    May 6, 2013

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley talks about various topics now that the Spring semester has ended in Bloomington.

    On the emotions of helping the program win a Big Ten Championship:
    "You hear people say all the time `you have to take it one day at a time' and that's truly what we had to do six years ago. To see it get to the point to where it has been the last two seasons is very fulfilling and rewarding. It has taught me not to take winning for granted. It is something that doesn't happen very often and it is not easy. To be able to play at the level that we did the past two years, with all that went into it from the staff to the players to the people around the program to the fans, it was a very rewarding experience."

    On a number of new players coming into the program this season:
    "The returning guys know what it looks like but they also know what goes into it on a daily basis to get it to that point. It is imperative that they impart that kind of culture on the new guys, who won't know anything but what they know once they walk in the doors here. Not only doing what is required, but being able to do more above and beyond what is required has been the key to our success as a team. It has also been the key to the individual's success that has gone on to greater things. I think Victor and Cody are prime example of that."

    On the impact of Cook Hall on the program:
    "It has played as big of a role as anything that we have had. From a recruiting stand point but also from the standpoint of the guys that are here taking advantage of it. The reason it is such a great facility is that (the players) have access to it 24 hours a day. You don't have the excuse of having class or a study session or this or that, you have the ability to get in there whenever you want. And then you also have the accessibility of somebody coming in to rebound for you with our managers. If our coaches are able to work with you at that time of year, then they are able to do that as well."



    On the biggest difference on the recruiting trail this year compared to four or five years ago:
    "We had to rely exclusively on tradition in previous years, and what Indiana had been in the past. And now we are able to recruit to a style of play, which people have been able to see. We haven't just talked about it, we have shown them that we are going to play up-tempo basketball and score points. We have shown that we can develop players. We have brought in some guys that maybe weren't as highly ranked as other players but will obviously go in the NBA Draft a lot higher than what they were ranked. That has a lot to do with what the players came in here and worked and the tools that we have given them to be successful."

    On the most common question asked by recruits:
    "When you talk to the recruit and his parents, graduation rates are important. With us having guys graduate early or working on their Master's degree and the ability to go the NBA Draft earlier is important to them. I think style of play is important, how are you going to play and how will you use me, in terms of my development. I think we do a pretty good job of recruiting a guy not only for how good he is but we also talk with them as if we were coaching them at that point in time to give them things to try to make them better whenever they get ready to play the next game or go in the gym to work on their game."


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