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    Men's Basketball Spotlight: Tom Pritchard

    Go Hoosiers! Sophomore Tom Pritchard
    Go Hoosiers!
    Sophomore Tom Pritchard
    Go Hoosiers!

    June 12, 2009

    Indiana University sophomore center Tom Pritchard is returning for his second year with the program. Several of the Hoosier veterans were back on campus this weekend as they were preparing to work the IU Summer Basketball Camp. IU talked with the Cleveland area native.

    How good was the break and what were you able to do:

    "I think the break worked out for everyone. We got to see our families and put last year behind us because we're really going to focus on a new year and new beginnings. I'm sure it will be definitely a better year this year. We have our wind back and everyone has energy and a little hop in their step now and is really pumped for this year to begin."

    On how the team stayed in contact:

    "There was definitely contact between guys. I'm rooming with Jeremiah (Rivers) this year, so I was talking to him a lot. But you talk to everyone to see how they're doing, making sure they're getting in open gym and still working on their game, so when everyone comes back we're happy to see each other and work hard together." On how he will help the new guys adjust to college life over the next couple weeks: "Just going through a year of college basketball, you already know what it takes and you know how hard you have to work. The guys coming in may not know that and you're definitely going to have to pull them aside and tell them what they can do and how they can adjust to it and tell them what's up for them in the future."

    What does the summer mean for a basketball player right now, now that you've made it to the Division 1 level?

    "Summer is really important. It's the part where you work on your game and that's where you get better and just every summer you have to get better from year-to-year in your college career. You have to become a better player to keep up with everyone else and the new guys coming in."

    On being from the Cleveland, Ohio, area and watching the Cavs this season and in the playoffs:



    "It was awesome. I went downtown and you can feel the energy from everyone and you can go downtown and watch the games even when they're playing away. I went to one of those and you can watch it on the big screen and everyone's crazy down there but I think one of the best experiences down there was when Lebron hit that shot. I was in my friend's basement with about 40 people and everyone was just going nuts, but unfortunately it wasn't their year this year and it kills me to say that, but as long as they have Lebron and other guys they'll be alright."

    On summer classes:

    "I'm taking two classes and I'm trying to get two A's. The summer is a time when there's a lighter load than regular and you have to attack and help raise your GPA.

    On what the returning players will use to gauge improvement:

    "I think it starts with chemistry and leadership. We definitely have some leaders out here and guys who have gone through this. The guys that were here losing all those games and the season that we had last year, it was hard. So everyone is really fired up to get back and prove something to everyone else that Indiana basketball is back on the rise."

    On his physical goals:

    "Hopefully everything, losing weight, working on my shot, and becoming more aggressive and just becoming a leader. I'm going to have to change my game every year and become drastically better and that's something that I'm willing to work for."


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