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    Summer Series: Troy Williams

    Go Hoosiers! Troy Williams
    Go Hoosiers!
    Troy Williams
    Go Hoosiers!

    June 16, 2014

    Bloomington, Indiana - Troy Williams heads into his second season as a member of the Hoosiers. One of the most athletic players in the Big Ten, he started all 32 games and averaged 7.3 points and was second in the league among freshman in rebounds at 4.4 per game and shot 50.9 from the field.

    He had a season-high 22 points at Madison Square Garden against Washington, but averaged 15 points on 73 percent shooting (19 of 26) in the final three games of the season. He ended up shooting 50.9% from the field.

    He will look to increase his role in the upcoming season.

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    After playing one year of college basketball, what is the biggest adjustment you had to make?

    "I would say the biggest adjustment was the physicality of the game. They always told me that college basketball was going to be more physical because you are going to the next level. But playing in the Big Ten, it is like you are jumping up two levels because you are playing ranked teams every night.

    I also had a lot to learn about the game itself, things like different ways to play pick-and-roll defense or how to defend other screening situations. That was the biggest adjustment for me."

    On how he will can build on his late season performances moving forward next year.

    "I think I started to learn my role on the team and what I can do to help the team better towards the end of the year. I started to excel at the things that I do well - running the floor, getting in the lane and moving without the ball - and then the big games started to come a little easier for me."

    On helping the incoming freshmen make a seamless transition to college basketball:

    "The team prior to us getting here - with Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller and all of the upperclassmen - they all knew what their role was and they stuck to them. Last year, there were some people, including myself, that would try to do more than what their role was. So for this year, we are going to try to help the new players understand what they are good at and then help them evolve around that. Then in practice, we can work on parts of the game that we need to improve at. The importance of practice and repetition is important for us to develop to the best of our abilities.



    On how the increased time in the weight room helped his development:

    "It has really helped a lot. With (strength coach Je'Ney Jackson), we do some things that might not seem like they are related to basketball, but when we get into practice and games, we can see where the things that we do with him really help us. We do a lot of lunges and agility training and all of that translates back to the basketball court. And that is a big help for all of us. There is nobody better at taking you to new heights."

    On the importance of the preseason trip to Canada:

    "It is going to be the first international trip for everyone. So it is going to be a new experience for all of us. It will give us a few opportunities to play together as a group and that should help us get ready for the season. We are already excited to go."

    On the experience of playing in Madison Square Garden last year and looking ahead to playing there twice this year:

    "I had my best game there last year (22 points vs. Washington). It was a lot of fun and was very exciting. There were a lot of people there and it's an NBA arena. Just being in there with the atmosphere and energy is a great experience.

    "This year, I can't wait. I have a couple of good friends on the team with Louisville so that will be fun. I've known a lot of people at Georgetown since my aunt (Terri Williams-Flournoy) was the head women's basketball coach for a long time. It is such a historic place.


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