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    Coach Rupp Press Conference

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    June 17, 2004

    Assistant Coach Kerry Rupp

    On what his role will be at Indiana:
    "My main role will be to help Coach Davis be successful and help him win here. Anything that he thinks is important for this program, I am willing to do first and foremost. It is an honor to be here and work for Indiana University. I just want to make sure that anything he asks me to do in regards to on the court coaching, game preparation, practice preparation, scouting, recruiting, whatever needs to be done, I am going to make sure I get it done."

    On if there is any area in particular where may recruit:
    "Having worked for the University of Utah, for coach Rick Majerus and having Karl Malone as one of my good friends, has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world. Coach Majerus has incredible contacts in college and in the NBA. I have been able to recruit in this area, out west, and I also have great contacts overseas."

    On his biggest strength:
    "One thing that I really take pride in and have spent a lot of time doing is skill development. I want to be a great teacher of the game. That is real important to me. I have expertise in both areas with perimeter and post players, but with coach Majerus, one of the things I did was work closely with the big guys in their development. A lot of the power forwards that we had over at Utah are playing at the next level. So, I feel very comfortable with big guys, but I do have expertise to work with both. I feel comfortable either way."

    On how much he knew about IU before coming here:
    "I definitely knew a lot about Indiana. Three years ago Indiana beat us in the first round of the 2002 NCAA Tournament. I was very impressed with Coach Davis and Indiana basketball. They were in the Maui Classic the following year and since then I have been following them over the years. I think Indiana basketball speaks for itself with the fine tradition it has."

    Head Coach Mike Davis

    On how he went about getting Coach Rupp to join the IU coaching staff:
    " I had been following the Utah program and watching him in the interim position. When they didn't hire him on, I called him and we talked about it. My former coach in college
    (Don Maestre) attended a basketball camp that he conducted in Utah, and I heard Coach Rupp was like a machine. I needed energy. I needed details to be paid attention to. I also needed a person that would be able to go out and recruit. This will be the first time for me to sit back and put a staff together from the ground up."

    Guard Bracey Wright

    Thoughts on trying out for the USA Basketball Team:
    "It is going to be extremely tough. There will be 20-25 top players in the country competing for 12 spots. Thirteen players will not make the team and it is going to be a tough decision on the coaching staff. As a player, you just have to go and give it everything you have. You have to put your ego aside and do whatever Team USA needs you to do."

    On if he's changed his workout regimen:
    "Once I got the invite, I started working out a lot more. You have to get your body in shape and you have to be physically and mentally ready. Trials start July 16th and everything runs through until the beginning of August, so you will be playing in games for a long period of time. You really have to be in good shape to withstand everything that is going to be thrown at you."

    On how he has progressed with his back problems:
    "I am doing really well. My back is a lot stronger. It wasn't a real issue last year. I haven't had any pain back there. I feel extremely good. I am doing a lot of exercises and weight programs that I wasn't able to do when I was hurt. It gives you a sense of confidence, knowing you will be injury free going into the situation."



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