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    Noah Vonleh Selected By Charlotte In First Round of 2014 NBA Draft

    Go Hoosiers! Noah Vonleh is now a member of the Charlotte Hornets
    Go Hoosiers!
    Noah Vonleh is now a member of the Charlotte Hornets
    Go Hoosiers!

    June 26, 2014

    Brooklyn, N.Y. - Forward Noah Vonleh, who was named Big Ten Freshman of the Year and third team All-Big Ten by the coaches and media in his lone season at Indiana University, was selected in the first round of the 2014 NBA Draft with the ninth pick by the Charlotte Hornets. Vonleh becomes the third player recruited by Tom Crean in the last two years to be selected in the NBA Draft.

    Vonleh, a 6-10, 240-pound native of Haverhill, Massachusetts appeared in 30 games, making 29 starts. He was first in the Big Ten in rebounding, third in field goal percentage and eighth in blocked shots. He averaged 11.3 points and 9.0 rebounds per game overall and posted averages of 11.0 points and 8.8 rebounds in Big Ten play. He shot 52.3 percent from the floor - including 48.5 percent from 3-point line and led the team with 41 blocked shots and tied for second with 26 steals.

    On Tom Crean helping his game:
    "He helped a lot. Pushed me every day in practice and taught me to stay focused and put in the extra work after practice. He just really helped out a lot."

    Noah Vonleh announcing his decision to declare for the NBA Draft with IU Coach Tom Crean.

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    Vonleh is the 4th lottery pick coached by Tom Crean joining Dwyane Wade, Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo.

    IU has had a Big Ten best 74 players selected in the NBA Draft

    This is the first time that IU has had three top 10 picks in a two-year span since 1976 and 1977. (1976-Scott May, 2nd; Quinn Buckner, 7th. 1977-Kent Benson, 1st)

    Four of Indiana's 14 top 10 draft choices have come since 2008

    IU has had a Big Ten best four lottery picks since 2008. Vonleh, Oladipo, Zeller and Eric Gordon.

    Year Player Round Pick Team
    2014 Noah Vonleh 1st 9th Charlotte Hornets 2013 Victor Oladipo 1st 2nd Orlando Magic Cody Zeller 1st 4th Charlotte Bobcats 2008 Eric Gordon 1st 7th LA Clippers D.J. White 1st 29th Detroit Pistons 2005 Bracey Wright 2nd 47th Memphis Grizzlies 2002 Jared Jeffries 1st 11th Washington Wizards 2001 Kirk Haston 1st 16th Charlotte Hornets 2000 A.J. Guyton 2nd 32nd Chicago Bulls 1998 Andrae Patterson 2nd 46th Minnesota Timberwolves 1996 Brian Evans 1st 27th Orlando Magic 1995 Alan Henderson 1st 16th Atlanta Hawks 1994 Damon Bailey 2nd 44th Indiana Pacers 1993 Calbert Cheaney 1st 6th Washington Bullets Greg Graham 1st 17th Charlotte Hornets 1989 Jay Edwards 2nd 33rd LA Clippers 1988 Dean Garrett 2nd 38th Phoenix Suns Keith Smart 2nd 41st Golden State Warriors 1987 Steve Alford 2nd 26th Dallas Mavericks Darryl Thomas 6th 120th Sacramento Kings 1985 Uwe Blab 1st 17th Dallas Mavericks 1983 Randy Wittman 1st 22nd Washington Bullets Jim Thomas 2nd 40th Indiana Pacers Ted Kitchel 2nd 41st Milwaukee Bucks Steve Bouchie 4th 78th Detroit Pistons Tony Brown 7th 141st Indiana Pacers 1982 Landon Turner 10th 225th Boston Celtics 1981 Isiah Thomas 1st 2nd Detroit Pistons Ray Tolbert 1st 18th New Jersey Nets Glen Grunwald 5th 115th Boston Celtics Steve Risley 8th 180th Phoenix Suns 1980 Mike Woodson 1st 12th New York Knicks Butch Carter 2nd 37th LA Lakers 1978 Wayne Radford 2nd 27th Indiana Pacers 1977 Kent Benson 1st 1st Milwaukee Bucks 1976 Scott May 1st 2nd Chicago Bulls Quinn Buckner 1st 7th Milwaukee Bucks Bob Wilkerson 1st 11th Seattle Supersonics Tom Abernathy 3rd 43rd LA Lakers 1975 Steve Green 2nd 30th Chicago Bulls John Laskowski 2nd 32nd Chicago Bulls 1973 Steve Downing 1st 17th Boston Celtics George McGinnis 2nd 22nd Philadelphia Sixers John Ritter 8th 125th Cleveland Cavaliers 1972 Joby Wright 2nd 18th Seattle Supersonics 1971 Lee McCullough 13th 199th Houston Rockets Bubbles Harris 14th 208th Cleveland Cavaliers 1970 Joe Cooke 6th 94th Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Johnson 10th 162nd Cleveland Cavaliers 1969 Bill DeHeer 8th 105th San Diego Rockets 1968 Butch Joyner 9th 111th Cincinnati Royals 1965 Dick Van Arsdale 2nd 10th New York Knicks Tom Van Arsdale 2nd 11th Detroit Pistons Jon McGlocklin 3rd 24th Cincinnati Royals 1963 Tom Bolyard 3rd 19th Baltimore Bullets Jimmy Rayl 3rd 22nd Cincinnati Royals 1961 Walt Bellamy 1st 1st Chicago Packers Ron Horn 2nd 16th St. Louis Hawks 1960 Frank Radovich 2nd 14th St. Louis Hawks Bob Wilkinson 12th 84th St. Louis Hawks 1958 Archie Dees 1st 2nd Cincinnati Royals 1957 Dick Neal 11th 78th Boston Celtics 1956 Wally Choice St. Louis Hawks 1955 Don Schlundt 2nd 14th Syracuse Nationals 1954 Slick Leonard 2nd 10th Baltimore Bullets Dick Farley 2nd 15th Syracuse Nationals Lou Scott 5th 37th Baltimore Bullets Charles Kraak 6th 49th Fort Wayne Pistons 1952 Sam Miranda Rochester Royals 1951 Bill Garrett 2nd 16th Boston Celtics Bill Tosheff 4th 32nd Indianapolis Olympians 1950 Lou Watson 3rd Chicago Stags Jerry Stuteville 8th Indianapolis Olympians 1948 Ward Williams 1st 8th Fort Wayne Pistons




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