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    Go Hoosiers! Guy-Marc Michel
    Go Hoosiers!
    Guy-Marc Michel
    Go Hoosiers!

    July 30, 2010

    Bloomington, Indiana - Junior Guy-Marc Michel and freshmen Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey met with members of the IU media for the first time since coming to Bloomington earlier this summer.

    Q: Just talk about, first of all what this experience over the last 6-7 weeks has been for you and how much have you benefited.

    Will: When I first stepped on campus on my first official visit I knew I wanted to come here. Just being here is just an excitement in itself. I was counting down the days until I got here, now that I'm here just getting used to college life, going to class working out hanging out with the buddies. Really I love it so far, if the fall is anything like this, which I know it's going to be a little more tiresome but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

    Victor: Like Will, on my first official visit I knew I was coming here. Just trying to get my feet wet and get used to everything. Becoming an Indiana basketball player is not as easy as it sounds and I'm just trying to get used to it; it's not like High School. I'm just trying to have fun and get used to it.

    Victor Oladipo

    Guy: It's been an interesting experience, coming from a junior college everything is different, the school is bigger. I think it is a good thing for me to be here.

    Q: What's been harder about being specifically an Indiana Basketball player?

    Victor: It is very rigorous it's very competitive, weight lifting everyday; doing everything to become an Indiana basketball player is not like High School. High School I really didn't have to do that. I'm just trying to get used to it, and I think I am.

    Q: At this point how do you each see yourselves fitting into this group?

    Will: From the start you can tell there is a tight nit group, everyone has there own different cliques but the team as whole you can tell we are really starting to bond. It's exciting to see each day we grow as a team.

    Victor: I agree, we do grow everyday. We come around each other; we cheer each other on during practice, and during workouts. Try to get used to each other we are like one big family, just trying to become a family. These are my brothers and I'm going to go to war with them every night or day we play. I want to let them know I have their back in everything we do, just become a family.

    Guy: I think we are all different, I come from France and get along with everybody on this team, so we're fine.

    Q: What was it about your visits or like Victor, you said you knew before you even visited, what was it that really drew you to come to Indiana?

    Victor: Playing on the summer circuit in AAU was a big reason. The coaches were so consistent; they came to all my games and some practices. When they had a chance to call, they called and they stayed the most consistent in recruiting me. When I came on campus I had an idea in the back of my head, Indiana was at the top of my list ever since I met Coach Crean and they offered. When I came on campus and hung out with Maurice he showed me the ropes and I just fell in love with it. I want to be a part of a rising program and I think we can become that so I just want to be a part of that and that's when I knew I was going to be an Indiana Hoosier.

    Will: Well unlike Vic, Indiana came a little late in my recruitment and being from Florida we don't really know about the Hoosier lifestyle and you know Big Ten Basketball stuff like that, we're more of a football state. When I actually found out really what this place was about and how much the people care and how much the players care and how much basketball means more than just a game to these people it means the same to me so that how I knew this is where I wanted to be.

    Will Sheehey

    Q: Since these are player workouts, in terms of leadership who has taken charge?

    Will: Everyone has there own individual roles, there are some guys that just are leaders vocally, like Jordan you know all the point guards like Jeremiah, Verdell even Bob a little bit they like to speak out vocally, but there are a lot of guys who like to speak out with just their work ethic and off the court kind of things that you really kind of get a vibe for what they are about.

    Q: Gee, what drew you to Indiana? What made this place comfortable?

    Guy: I came for my visit and I liked everything, the environment, everyone on the coaching staff made me comfortable.

    Q: How many languages do you speak?

    Guy: 3, English, French, and Creole it's like a native language.

    Q: How has game developed since you have been here what do you feel like you need to keep working on?

    Guy: I think I've gotten better with my hook shot, my foot work is getting better, I think defensively is going to be a huge part to work on.

    Q: What does it mean to you guys to be able to develop in a building like Cook Hall?

    Victor: It's amazing, and I know that players from the past they'd probably trade with us in a second, to have something like that is incredible. To be able to have 24 hour access to do something we love, it's just remarkable and I'm glad that we have it, I'm glad it came when I came. It's going to make us a lot better, and I'm just looking forward to using it nonstop.

    Q: In terms of a style of play standpoint, what do you think adding you three to the mix will do for the team?

    Guy: I think for me, being a presence inside, you know block some shots grab some rebounds and help the team defensively.

    Victor: I just want to help the team, you know all three of us can bring energy; I'm an energy type of player, I like to scream and get the crowd into it, I like dunking and stuff like that so you know I just like energy and a high tempo game and when it's high tempo I'm high tempo and when I'm high tempo I think my team thrives off that so I think all three of us are capable of doing that.

    Will: I agree with Vic, I mean we pretty much all bring our own aspect to the game but you know in practice we need to compete really hard and bring some leadership to the team and bond everyone together. We have good thing going right now so we just need to keep it rolling.

    Q: For Vic, obviously Guy has a wide wingspan, how imposing of a presence is he inside?

    Victor: Gee is what 7-foot? What's you wingspan Gee? 7'8" Wingspan, I think that's enough presence for us.

    Will: I mean I don't know if it's true but I think Guy can stand on the ground and put his hands straight up and he pretty much touches the rim, if you guys can imagine that standing underneath the basket next time you look go look straight up and try touching the rim without jumping and that's what you've got with Gee.

    Q: How have you guys seen him (Gee) develop since he's been around?

    Victor: I never say Gee play before I got here, he's getting better everyday from turnaround hooks to turn around jumpers off the backboard or catching an oop that's uncatchable he's just improving everyday, and I know he can help us in the fall and I'm looking forward to playing with him for however long he is here.

    Q: For Victor and Will, how hard was it for you guys to watch last year when you know the team was kind of struggling and you guys could have helped out how hard was that for you?

    Willl: I'm a pretty optimistic person so when it comes to things like that I've played on High School teams where we needed some help and hadn't won many games but when you see teams like that that are still pushing and try to win every game they have good things going for them, I mean you can't judge a team purely off of wins and losses so we can see guys competing and diving after loose balls and going after rebounds you know that's a team you want to play for.

    Q: Gee, your ability to block shots can intimidate other people, do you notice that? Do you play on that? Do you enjoy that?

    Guy: Sure I play on that it's part of my game, I mean a 7'8" wingspan is not for nothing if they come to the basket I have to try and block some shots it's part of my job.

    Q: It's part of your job but is it something you enjoy?

    Guy: It's something I like, sure I do.

    Q: Who's impressed you guys out of the returners? Is anyone having a really good summer?

    Victor: To be truthful with you everyone is doing well. Everybody is improving everyday and I'm just looking forward to the fall. I know we are going to do a lot better and I'm looking forward to playing with them and we are working hard everyday. From lifting to doing sprints and conditioning and we always rally around each other and I'm just looking forward to playing with these guys. Like I said before these guys are my family now and they always will be so I'm just looking forward to it.

    Q: Victor, is there any one area you are trying to improve or are you just kind of taking everything in right now?

    Victor: Do you mean basketball wise? I'm trying to improve my game everyday, especially my jumper, my ball handling and even my athletic ability I mean I can jump high but I think I can jump a little bit higher every once in a while so I'm just trying to improve my game and do whatever it takes to help my team win and to not let my teammates down. That's one thing that we have been focusing on is not letting each other down and I don't plan on letting my teammates down.

    Q: Same thing to you Will.

    Will: Vic's got a good point in saying never letting your teammates down. We compete everyday during our workouts; at the end of our workouts we make sure we are going to win in whatever we do even if its running a sprint or lifting some weights we're going to make sure we do it to the fullest of our ability. That just interprets pretty much everything that we have been doing lately and just overall improve our game in every aspect is what everybody and not just myself is trying to do.

    Q: Talk about how important it is to start you academic career in the summer as opposed to coming on campus in early September just talk about what that has done for all three of you.

    Victor: For me it's getting used to the academic part of Indiana, I know that's a big part of Indiana and I know a lot of, I'm going to say some very smart people have come through here as well. I know that's a big part of Indiana and it's a big part of my family as well and me. Just getting used to it, getting used to the college life and college academics. It's a blessing in disguise actually because it prepares you for the fall so it's not like I'm coming into the fall and I'm fresh and I don't really know what's going on and I really have an advantage so I'm really happy about that.

    Q: You guys have talked about becoming comfortable, is there any player that has taken you under their wing?

    Victor: I had to (rack) with everybody on the team and I get advice from Maurice, that's basically my big brother I have been going up with him for a while. Getting advice from Jordan our point guard and Verdell, you know people who have just been here for a while who have experienced the Indiana Hoosier life and getting advice from them so they can just help me out so I don't have a lot of troubles.

    Q: Talk about Maurice, he was instrumental in your recruitment as well as others from around that area, even though he's just a sophomore has he started to kind of take possession of this team?

    Victor: He's working hard everyday just like everybody else, I mean he is just a regular player like everybody else he just wants the best for everybody and he wants the best for the team just like everybody else and you know I just can't wait to play with him again you know. It's been a while since we played together from 14, so I'm just looking forward to it.

    Q: How was been dealing with Coach Crean been different than expected?

    Will: Coach Crean pretty much laid down the guidelines before I got here. I mean everyone knows, you and I, what Coach Crean is about and so it's pretty much been what I have expected I mean he is not allowed to coach us basketball wise right now but just giving me a little bit of advice every now and then about school and about still working hard is pretty much what I knew which is why I came here.

    Q: Do you guys get the sense that the program is turning?

    Will: 100 percent

    Victor: Yes sir

    Q: In what ways does that manifest itself, in workouts? When you guys are together with your teammates? What are tangible things you see or feel?

    Will: When you see people progress daily in every work place you can't say you are moving backwards when you see everyone working hard getting up extra shots you can see in people's eyes that they want to turn this around and I think it's true, we are.




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