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    Freshman Profile--Christian Watford

    Go Hoosiers! Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!
    Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 15, 2009

    Christian Watford

    On how being on campus over the summer has helped the transition to college:
    "It's helped me a lot. You get the chance to take some real college courses and get to know the players and get the chemistry between the players."

    On the most important thing that he will take from the summer session:
    "The biggest thing would have to be to persevere through everything that you go through. You go through a lot of things whether its weight training or running, and they are all good things for us and they will all help us in the end."

    On the bond between him and the other three freshmen that were on campus this summer:
    "I feel like we have a strong bond. I've been around Bobby (Capobianco), Derek (Elston) and Jordan (Hulls) for some time now, but the bond has always been there and we just continue to build on top of that."

    On the time the freshmen spent together off the court to build that bond:
    "We spent numerous hours together off the court. I live with these guys and see them all the time. We've had some video game wars over the summer but it's all in fun."

    On whether he gets recognized by fans when he goes out in public:
    "Oh yeah, a couple people have recognized us together, which is crazy for me coming from Alabama where you really don't see that too much. But it has been great."

    On how he thinks he did during the open gym sessions during the summer:
    "I think I did real well. I got a chance to do a lot of things and build some chemistry with the other guys.

    On what part of his game he's going to work on between now and when practice starts in October:
    "I'm going to work on the mental aspect of the game. Coach Crean always talks about being tough and having a grit about yourself. So I'm going to work on having that "hate to lose" desire and that all comes with playing against great players like we have on the team."

    On the best piece of advice that any of the older guys have given you since you've been here:
    "They've given me so much advice, they have been with me through it all. Coming in as a freshman, you have days where you might be out of it but they pick you up and let you know everything is going to be OK and that has really helped me out."



    On why Indiana is the right place for him:
    "I feel like it's the right place because it has been hard work, and that's good because you don't want to go a place where it's going to be easy. I feel like I am improving because you don't want to go somewhere that you are going to stay at the same level you came in on. But I feel like I'm improving my skills and my strength and that will all help me out as we go into the season."


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