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    Freshman Profile - Jordan Hulls

    Go Hoosiers! Jordan Hulls
    Go Hoosiers!
    Jordan Hulls
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 17, 2009

    Jordan Hulls

    On how being around this summer helped him get acclimated to college:
    "I'm getting the college experience now with my classes and also being able to play with the guys in the gym and that sort of thing. And that really helped us out just to see what it was going to be like and all the competitiveness, so it was good for us coming in this summer."

    On the biggest thing you took away from the summer experience:
    "I would say I gained a lot of weight, so the weight lifting was really big for me because I `m not the biggest guy ever and you have to be bigger in order to play in the Big Ten."

    On how the summer went academically:
    "It went really well. I had two classes and I understood the material pretty well. And then I had tutors to help me out that were given to us and they were really great and helped me know all the information I had to know for exams. We had to take it seriously because we all wanted to get A's and just get ahead of the game." On the special bond between the four guys that were here this summer:
    "We've all been living together over the summer and getting to hang out, watch movies, play video games together so it's been a lot of fun. It will be really good to take that team energy into the season. Getting to play and talk with the older guys as well has helped out."

    On some of things they did together off the court:
    "We played a lot of table tennis. They all think they are pretty good, but we had to show them what's up. We went out to eat a lot cause that's part of our workout. We had to eat as much as we could, some of us did. Since I live here, we went to my house a lot and just hung out or went swimming in the pool."

    On whether people recognized you when you went out:
    "I'd say they recognized the big guys more than me just because I look like an average student. I'm only a six-foot little dude. But if I'm walking with them then it is a different story and some people know me just because I'm from around here. But its not too bad, really. I'm sure once the season gets started it will be a lot different."



    On how he thought he competed in pickup games over the summer:
    "I thought I competed very well. It was good for me to be able to play against the older guys and the bigger guards to see how that would all work out. And as the summer went on I think I played pretty well and was able to do things I thought I could do, so that was pretty assuring. It gave me a lot of confidence coming into the season."

    On what he would like to improve upon before official practice starts:
    "I still want to get bigger and stronger and to be a lock-down defender. I'm quick, but I'm not the biggest guy so people would be able to post me up and drive around me. And I'm just going to make that a priority of mine to just be a lock down defender."

    On the best piece of advice he has received from the upperclassmen:
    "Work hard in the weight room and play hard on the court and try to win every game, because the coaches take notice of that kind of thing, and to take that over to the season because it will help out a lot."

    On why is Indiana is the right place for him:
    "I live here, it's where I grew up and my family can come watch me play. Coach Crean really brought to my attention that this program is going to get turned around and what he is doing with it really brought me and drew me in. It's where I grew up, and that is what really got me."


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