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    Catching Up With D.J. White

    Go Hoosiers! D.J. White and Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!
    D.J. White and Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug 26, 2013

    D.J. White was the 2008 Big Ten Player of the Year and an All-American who most recently played with the Boston Celtics. He and Victor Oladipo helped host the Tom Crean Pro Camp which was held this past weekend.

    On his current situation:
    "Right now, I'm just working out. I moved back down south to Atlanta. I have a couple things going on (with NBA teams), I have met with a couple teams already and I'm going to meet with another one soon. I'm just exploring my options right now and hopefully I will know more in the next couple weeks."

    On starting last year in China and ending the year in the NBA Playoffs with the Celtics:
    "It was a different year, the path that I took, but I don't regret it at all. China was a great learning experience and then to be able to come back and sign with the Celtics, one of the best organizations in the NBA. I was happy for the opportunity."

    On what he learned being around people like Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett (KG) and other Celtic players:
    "I learned a lot from KG by just watching him and talking to him about how he is able to do what he does at age 37 by taking care of his body and things like that. Just learning how to be a professional throughout your career is what I took from him and his dedication. If he can be dedicated, why can't everybody is what I took."

    On what element of the college experience he misses now that he is in the NBA:
    "There are a couple things, but the main thing was the friendships that I had here at Indiana with my teammates. You are friends with your teammates in the NBA, but in college it is a bond because you do everything together - conditioning, eating - all those things."

    On any former teammates at Indiana that you keep in touch:
    "I see Earl Calloway every day in Atlanta. We work out everyday down there. I see Eric Gordon every now and then when our paths cross. Lance Stemler, one of my best friends and my college roommate, I talk to him all the time. And I also talk to Kyle Taber and Adam Ahlfeld too. Those are bonds that we will always have."




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