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    Hoosier Profile: Victor Oladipo

    Go Hoosiers! Victor Oladipo
    Go Hoosiers!
    Victor Oladipo
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 2, 2010

    What was the summer like?
    "It was exciting because I hadn't been away from home for a long time before. It was my first experience in college, and I was excited because I really wanted to go to IU. That is why I chose to come here, and I just wanted to get my feet wet and get used to everything. I'm honored and blessed that I had the opportunity to do that."

    On being away from his twin sister, Victoria, for the first time:
    "It is different because we've grown up together all of our lives. It is always something in the back of mind, wondering what she is doing and where she is at, and I know she feels the same way."

    On how his high school program helped him:
    "Coming from a program like DeMatha, I just feel like I'm prepared to come in here and play in the games and go through practices. It is just like here. That is why it is a college prep school. I'm just thankful."

    On what he would like to do in the future, outside of basketball:
    "I would like to own my own business. If not, I want to major in broadcasting and telecommunications and do something with sports because I love sports. I know that. I would like to be a sports agent or something like that. I know I can do that here because there is a great academic program, and I'm looking forward to it."

    On what he learned being here during the summer:
    "The one thing that we emphasized during the summer that we never emphasized in high school is never letting our teammates down. In high school, they would say it, but here they say it repeatedly. `Never let your teammates down, never let your teammates down.' It has become second nature. Everyday I'm thinking if I don't make a line, if I don't do this or that, I'm letting my teammates down. I don't want to do that."

    On what he hopes to bring to Indiana basketball:
    "I want to do all the little things, getting all the loose balls, block shots and rebounds and also bringing some excitement with my dunks. Definitely playing defense as well. I feel like I can push the tempo and bring a high-paced game and a game everyone loves to watch."



    On his official visit:
    "I love basketball. Basketball is my heart. Basketball is my soul. Coming to a place like this and seeing how the people feel the same way, it is like home. They are part of my family and they feel the same way I feel. I just felt as though this was my home and that I needed to come here and support my family and get them back to where they belong."

    On bonding with his roommate Will Sheehey:
    "We love it. Will and I have been bonding ever since we first started talking on the phone. Will is a great person, and we relate in many different ways. It is weird because it is like Will is me and I am Will, but we are two different people. I'm just glad that he is on my team and is my roommate. I can't wait to play basketball with him and continue to grow our friendship."


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