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    Dwyane Wade On Tom Crean

    Go Hoosiers! Dwayne and Jolinda Wade and IU Coach Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!
    Dwayne and Jolinda Wade and IU Coach Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 3, 2009

    The following is a speech that NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade gave when he was inducted into the Marquette University Hall of Fame. Wade was recruited and coached by IU Coach Tom Crean.

    Dwayne Wade Induction Speech

    I'd like to thank Marquette University for as always believing in me, believing in a young kid from Chicago that came in here as a partial qualifier to really believe in me that I was going to make the grade and live up to everything that our coach said I would. So thanks Marquette for that. There's so many people to thank and you never want to leave anyone out so everyone that came with the Wade family at the table where I was sitting- can you all stand up please? Everybody. Thank you. All these people are very important in my life, some before and some now I just want to thank you guys for believing in me and loving me the way that you do- unconditionally. So thank you.

    I also have to thank my teammates that are here. Without you guys I wouldn't be up here and none of this would be possible. Especially Travis, my roommate on the road, if it wasn't for your smart comments and your mouth I don't know if I would've gone out there and done what I did every night because you made me mad, so mad every time. And to Rob, our only senior on the team, I want to thank you for coming and giving us that hope that we could go to the next level and take our team further. I know you always say you are the reason we went to the Final Four, so just for a second you might be. And last but not least, a lot of people always say that, talk about the man that I've become today- good or bad, but a lot of people always give me compliments on that. There are so many people to thank for that, no question about it. But there is one person and I want him to stand up, not only was he my coach, not only was he my friend, but he was also a father figure, can Coach Tom Crean stand up please? Coach you gotta keep standing.



    Coach I want to personally say thank you for really believing in me. I want to say thank you for being hard on me, as you were. The one story that will always stick out in my mind about Coach, and this took our relationship to another level. I had a lot of things going on in my life, but this one moment. As a young kid I had a kid, I had a child and I really didn't know at that time what to do. And I went to Coach and I asked him, I said what am I going to do? And I started crying and he put my head on his shoulder and he said, "we will get through this." And I will never forget that moment. And Coach we got through it in a very big way- so thank you for being a father figure to me, I appreciate it.

    And like I said, once again, want to thank Marquette University for this unbelievable honor. Thank Wendy and Craig Kastin for believing in not only me but the Marquette Basketball program as well. Thank you guys for your support over all these years, appreciate it. Thank you guys.


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