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    Q&A with Austin Etherington

    Go Hoosiers! Austin Etherington
    Go Hoosiers!
    Austin Etherington
    Go Hoosiers!
    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - chatted with sophomore forward Austin Etherington on Wednesday, Sept. 5.

    On the difference in him as a freshman and now entering his sophomore season:
    "I think I know more about what is going on now. I understand what it takes to play at this level. I just have to go out there and work hard every day to become a better player."

    On what he wants to work on entering this season:
    "I have been working on some consistency on my 3-point shot. I want to be able to fill that role for this team."

    On the results of the hard work in the weight room:
    "Being here all summer and lifting during both sessions of class during the summer, and now during the off-season before practice starts, it is amazing how much stronger all of us have gotten. Not just me in particular, but everyone has increased their bench press or has gotten stronger in every aspect."

    On what he took away from the Sweet 16 experience:
    "When you are a kid and you watch the NCAA Tournament and think about one day playing in it, and then you finally get to do it, it is a different atmosphere and it's a different game. You get to go to all of those different places across the country to play and those are the experiences that, as a player, you never forget."




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