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    Tom and Joani Crean Serve As Honorary Chairpersons for Science Night Out

    Go Hoosiers! Joani and Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!
    Joani and Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 7, 2009

    Bloomington, Indiana - Tom and Joani Crean will serve as Honorary Chairpersons for WonderLab's Science Night Out scheduled for Friday, September 11 at the Bloomington Convention Center. For more information on how to attend click here.

    Bloomington Herald Times Guest Column

    We are proud to serve as this year's hosts of Science Night Out, the annual benefit for the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology. Some of you may ask, "Why would the Creans, who are associated with the world of sports, be interested in WonderLab?"

    The answer is simple. We are proud parents of three children, ranging in age from a preschooler to a teenager. Like all parents, we want them to have enrichment opportunities that help them spread their wings and grow. We have found that WonderLab is an invaluable resource to the community we now call home.

    When we are at WonderLab with our preschooler, she is fascinated by the activities and small-scale science exhibits she finds in the museum's Discovery Garden area just for children her age. She, like others her age, is a "born scientist," by which we mean that she has a natural urge to explore her world through play. Adult scientists, being more serious, call this "experimentation" and "observation" to understand how things work.

    Our middle child is in elementary school. He is able to relate his hands-on experiences at WonderLab with the basic science concepts he is acquiring in the classroom. It is fun for us to see him connect basketball with learning about the muscles and bones of the human body at the interactive vertical leap exhibit. Our oldest is a teenager, and you might think that she would have "aged out" of WonderLab. But the museum offers her opportunities to learn and grow, too, through its extensive volunteer program, which includes teens, college students, and adults from throughout the community. What an ideal place for her to meet new people and find mentors as she has the experience of "giving back" to her community!



    There is an old saying that we take for granted those things that are familiar to us. Being relatively new to the community, we recognize what a treasure the WonderLab Museum is for Bloomington and this region. We see the quality that prompted a national magazine, Parents, to rank WonderLab a top 25 science museum among all the science museums in the country.

    As the honorary chairpersons of Science Night Out, we feel that our role, in part, is to remind our new neighbors and colleagues that they have something special here that is worthy of their support and investment. We also must remind everyone that because WonderLab is a private non-profit organization, its existence is not guaranteed, as are our schools, public library and parks.

    If the private sector does not invest in WonderLab, the alternative would be for the museum to charge an admission price that covered the full cost of providing its services. Such a price would be prohibitive for many of the young people who most need these kinds of inspiring early experiences to maximize their chances for future success in school and in life. It is up to all of us as educators, business professionals, civic leaders -- and especially as parents -- to invest in this extraordinary asset that benefits our own families and also the community as a whole. Please join us in supporting WonderLab.


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