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    Hoosier Profile: Will Sheehey

    Go Hoosiers! Will Sheehey
    Go Hoosiers!
    Will Sheehey
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 8, 2010

    On what the adjustment has been like from being in high school to a major college basketball player:

    "In high school, you don't really have too much free time during the school hours, but afterwards you try to get your work in. In college, you have free time during the day, but that's filled up with basketball. So what you have to do is think of basketball almost like school work. You have to knock it all out at once and then you can have free time to complete my studies at night. I'm trying to make the adjustment. So far it's been a pretty good adjustment. The coaches have been helping me through that and the managers as well, so far so good."

    On the biggest thing taken away from being here this summer:
    "It's really just team camaraderie, where everyone is together. In high school, everyone kind of does their own thing and the best players shy away from helping out everybody. Here the best players are helping me out and have gotten me through the way, so pretty much just team unity."

    On his twin sister:
    "She goes to New College of Florida, which is a liberal arts school in Sarasota, Florida. It is kind of unique how Victor (Oladipo) and I, two freshmen, we also have twin sisters. It's very scary how similar we are. Victor and I have been getting along pretty well in the dorms and what not. So it's been a good experience."

    On the adjustment of being away from his sister:
    "Usually with a twin, it's kind of cliché, but she really is there all the time. So I've tried to make the adjustment and so far we've been communicating with Skype and iChat and stuff like that so we get enough communication to work."

    On what he needs to work on to get better and to be able to contribute as a freshman:
    "I need to work on more leadership skills. I'm kind of a quiet guy. I need to be a little bit more vocal on and off the court. I also need to build a little bit more strength inside so I can guard perimeter guys on the wing and also big guys down low. Pretty much those are the two major things."



    On what attracted him to Indiana University:
    "Everybody thinks it's this new practice facility, but I committed before this was even built. People talk about the tradition, but it really is one of a kind. With all the other schools recruiting me, I felt this one was the one that if you turn this place around it will be one of the stories of basketball history."

    On the convenience of the new practice facility:
    "I've never been a part of a 24-hour practice or fitness facility ever. It's usually I check my clock and I really want to shoot right now or I really want to lift and it's too late. In here, you can shoot any time or do your homework any time. It just really opens up your whole day."

    On goals later in life:
    "Right now, I plan to get into the Kelley School of Business and try to get my MBA, most likely major in business law. So afterwards, I'd like to take basketball as far as it takes me, which is a great tool, and I'd like to pursue a business career."


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