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    Hoosier Profile: Guy Marc-Michel

    Go Hoosiers! Guy Marc Michel
    Go Hoosiers!
    Guy Marc Michel
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 13, 2010

    On his impressions of Indiana:
    "It is a great environment for me because it is very intense. I am learning how important the game and this team is to so many people. Everyone is very nice and they pay a lot of attention to you. I really have enjoyed the relationships I have begun here, especially with my teammates.

    On when he started playing basketball:
    "I started playing basketball when I was 16 years old ... a couple of years earlier, one of my friends tried to force me to try and play but I refused. He pushed me to do it again and I started to like it. Where I come from, no one plays basketball."

    On New York Knick and Martinique native Ronny Turiaf:
    "He was the first player from my island to get drafted. He played for the French National team which also included Tony Parker, Boris Diaw and Mickaël Piétrus.

    When did you decide to come to the U.S. to get your education and play basketball?
    "I played two years of basketball in France and decided that I wanted to come to the USA and get an education. I wanted to be able to use my basketball abilities and go to school at the same time. I also knew that I would become a better player here."

    On becoming a part of the team:
    "They make fun of me because of my accent and because I'm French, but they are great teammates. The players like me and help me get better."

    On his contact with family:
    "I'm kind of by myself here. I know some other French who play basketball in the U.S., but I don't really have anyone here in the States."

    On going back to Martinique:
    "I went home a couple of weeks ago, but before that I was stuck in the U.S. for a little bit. I spent most of the time at home with my family. I didn't do much because I only had like 15 days. So, I only spent time with my family and my grandparents."

    On his family getting to watch him on TV:
    "They will be able to watch me online. I don't think they will get our games on TV over there. They are very excited to see me on TV and are really looking forward to the season."



    On the difference between his junior college and Indiana:
    "There is so much more focus from fans on the players here. Everyone wants to know who you are. That is something I am not used to."

    On his future:
    "I'm majoring in marketing, so I hope to have my own business.


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