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    Hoosier Profile: Jordan Hulls

    Go Hoosiers! Jordan Hulls
    Go Hoosiers!
    Jordan Hulls
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 18, 2010

    Jordan Hulls

    On individual workouts and how that is building the anticipation for the season:
    "People are getting real excited to get practices going. Individuals are going great and even though there are only so many of us that can workout at one time, everyone is working hard. We are harping on working hard as individuals."

    On biggest individual improvements made in past year:
    "I'm a lot smarter. I have a better feel for what to look for. From a physical standpoint, I'm a lot stronger than I was last year. With me and my teammates, we're definitely a lot more mature. We've got a lot under our feet since a lot of us got to play as freshmen last year."

    On what individual improvements to work on before the start of the season:
    "Definitely going to improve upon the pick and roll. I also want to be in great condition and have my motor going so I don't get tired. Being able to play defense is also going to be huge for me."

    On how productive the summer has been for the team:
    "A lot of us are here, we got a lot of work in especially having Cook Hall here with 24/7 access. It was great to have that. We were able to get a lot of shots out and work on our game."

    On veteren status and integrating new players into the system:
    "We've got Guy, Will, and Victor. We have to incorporate those guys, but they got it pretty fast I thought. They came in and worked really hard. Last year we worked really hard as well, but there were more of us so it took a little more time since we had to get adapted to the environment and how things worked. But, the new guys are doing great and we're excited to have them."

    On most improved player since the summer:
    "I'd say Verdell. He's got a lot stronger and he's always working on his game. He's going to be big for us this year as far as scoring and we're going to need him on defense. As long as he keeps on working hard, I think he's made some great strides. He's gained weight so he's a lot stronger. Everybody has really improved. We've had all year to improve. That's exactly what we've done with the guys that were here this summer and the guys that got to go home were working out as well. I'm really excited excited for this group."



    On individual academics:
    "I was here all summer so I got a whole semester out of the way so I'm a little ahead which is great. I'm taking some pretty tough classes right now, but I'm excited about it because I'm studying what I want to study. It's not just basic classes, I'm taking more classes I'm interested in."

    On career after basketball:
    "My major is fitness specialist so I'd like to be a trainer. Maybe I'd like to go to Med school and take my major exercise science and do some chiropractic work. But I haven't quite decided yet."


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