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    Hoosier Profile: Christian Watford

    Go Hoosiers! Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!
    Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 29, 2010

    Christian Watford

    On how the summer went with a year of experience:
    "It went really good. I got a chance to get to the gym a lot, especially with the new facility, and I was able to work on some things that I felt like I needed to and now I feel like a better player going into next year."

    On what he is trying to do this year to help the team take the next step:
    "I just want to do whatever I have to do to win, that's all that it comes down to. I just want to win, whatever the case may be, whether it's rebounding, scoring or anything."

    On the experience of working at adidas Nations camp in Chicago:
    "That was great. I got a chance to play against some really good players and it was good for me. I got a chance to bring back some experiences from that and share that with the guys here."

    On the chemistry within the team helping to challenge people on the court:
    "This is, by far, the most competitive team I have been on in a long time. We go at each other everyday in workouts but we still love each other. We understand it is just part of getting better and winning."

    On who has improved the most from the start of the summer: "I have to say Victor Oladipo. He came in a little out of control but he is getting things together now and he is going to help us a lot going into the season. He's a great defensive player and on-ball defender and I think he is going to do some great things for us."

    On what he is working on to help make transition from power forward to small forward:
    "Normal things like ball-handling and being able to knock down open shots and I still have to be able to rebound out of the "3". I rebounded the ball OK last year at the "4" but I am going to have to do better this year at the "3"."

    On the impact of the strength and conditioning over the summer:
    "It has been very important. When I went to Chicago and played against some of those guys I was a lot stronger than I was last year at the same time. Coach Jackson has done a great job at getting us stronger so we are prepared for whoever we play."



    On what he would like to do once his playing days are over:
    "Of course I would like to stay around the game of basketball because I love it so much. Whether it is sports broadcasting or a sports agent or a commentator, I love the game of basketball so anything involved with it I would like to do."

    On how Cook Hall has helped in developing the team so far:
    "It has helped tremendously. The guys can come in here any time of the day and workout and it has worked out great for us."


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