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    Freshmen Talk Hoosier Hysteria

    Go Hoosiers! From left: Austin Etherington, Remy Abell, Cody Zeller
    Go Hoosiers!
    From left: Austin Etherington, Remy Abell, Cody Zeller
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 30, 2011

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Three members of the freshman class on the 2011-12 Indiana University men's basketball team - Austin Etherington, Remy Abell and Cody Zeller - met with the media on Thursday (Sept. 29) to talk about their experiences with Hoosier Hysteria and what they are looking forward to this year.

    Here's video of the press conference:

    Here's a transcript of the press conference as well:

    On the excitement for Hoosier Hysteria in a couple weeks:
    Cody Zeller: "I'm definitely excited for it. I went to it a couple years ago and it was definitely fun seeing all the fans there. I think it will be completely different when I'm the one that's actually performing - whether it's the dunk contest or whatever it might be. I think it will be a fun night and it will really be my first time being in front of the crowd wearing IU gear. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

    Remy Abell: "I think it will be fun. I haven't been to one before so this will be my first time at one. Just to be able to play in it, I think it will be a great experience. It will be great to play in front of the IU crowd and have on the IU gear and get the feel and atmosphere of what the season is going to be like."

    Austin Etherington: "I was at the one last year and it was cool seeing all the people there. But it is a little different when you are the one playing and the one that everyone is cheering for. So I'm looking forward to getting that feeling. It's going to be one of the first times for me to be in front of that kind of crowd so it's going to be fun."



    On how much an event like Hoosier Hysteria impacts recruiting: Zeller: "I knew the IU fans were good before the Hoosier Hysteria, but it is always fun seeing 17,000 people there cheering for the guys. It will definitely be fun playing in front of that kind of crowd and hopefully it's a good crowd."

    Etherington: "I was actually committed before I went to Hoosier Hysteria, so once I came here and saw what it was like, I was really pleased with my decision. Now I was pleased with my decision right when I made it but seeing the crowd and knowing what it is capable of at the time reaffirmed it. So I'm anxious to see what it can be like."

    On having his name chanted at Hoosier Hysteria a couple years ago:
    Zeller: "Yeah, I think it was. It didn't sway my decision one way or another. The student section is always good and the crowd is always good. It is definitely a basketball state and they take their basketball seriously. It was a neat feeling."

    On what people have told him about Hoosier Hysteria:
    Abell: "It is a great experience and it is fun. You get the feel of what the season is going to be like. It feels good to finally be out there in front of a nice crowd and have fun. I am looking forward to it. I haven't been to one yet so performing in one will be a great experience for me."

    How does Hoosier Hysteria compare to other similar events at other schools:
    Zeller: "The year I was here, they didn't do any of the dunk contest or three-point contest so I think things have changed since I was here. The only other one that I was at was North Carolina. They do similar stuff - some skits and they play at the end. It's a fun night either way."

    On whether the players talk about Hoosier Hysteria like it's a big deal or are they more focused on starting official practice:
    Etherington: "I think the main thing is that it is the start of the season so everyone is looking forward to that. I feel like everyone is excited to get in front of the crowd again. It will be nice to have fans back in watching you play and seeing how much we have improved. I think we are looking forward to showing people what we are capable of."

    On what the college experience has been like after a month:
    Zeller: "It has gone pretty well. Being here for the summer definitely helped to figure out where your classes are and finding your way around. It's definitely different having all the students here and there is always something going on. Trying to find that balance of managing your time ... I think all of us are starting to figure it out.

    "The older guys can help us with managing our time but Marni Mooney, our academic advisor, is really good at getting us tutors whenever we need them and things like that. For me personally, my brothers have helped me. That was their biggest thing that they told me was that I have to manage my time. There's plenty of time for other stuff but you have to get your work done first."

    On the point of emphasis in the individual workouts as they get ready for the season:
    Abell: "Just trying to get better every day on things that I'm good at and things that I'm not so good at. I just try to come in every day and work and prepare myself for the season. It should be a great season this year and I'm looking forward to it and Hoosier Hysteria."

    Etherington: "The main thing is try to work on all the things you need to improve upon. We come in every day and work on the little things that we are going to need to succeed at this level. I just work on the things that I know I need to work on, like ball-handling and being more aggressive with the ball. And just trying to be more physical all-around with my game."

    Zeller "I think the biggest thing is getting ready for the college level. Everyone is so much faster and stronger. That's work in the weight room and getting lower on all of my moves and being more explosive. That's the biggest thing for me and it's definitely a big step for all of us freshmen, going from high school to freshmen in college. That's been the biggest adjustment we have been working on."

    On the team's attitude at this point:
    Etherington: "I feel like we are more optimistic than last year. I'm not saying they weren't last year but I think everyone is coming into it with a positive attitude. Everyone is trying to pull each other along and make everyone better. So I feel it's a lot more optimistic."

    "I feel like everyone is working hard and ready for the season. Everyone as a team is trying to improve and go to that next step and the next level."

    Zeller "I think everyone is just trying to prove that we are better than what our record was last year. It is kind of like we have a chip on our shoulder that we are trying to prove that we are better than last year."

    On the energy from the students about the season and Hoosier Hysteria:
    Etherington: "People come up to us all the time - we will be walking to class and someone will say `hey, we can't wait for the season, we have season tickets'. There is definitely a word going around and people are excited and so are we."

    On the feelings of the first official practice in college:
    Etherington "I'm excited. I know it is going to be a different speed and a different level, but I'm real excited to take part in it and get better."

    Abell: "I'm ready to feel what the first college practice is going to be like. I know it's going to be different than high school but I'm ready to get out there with the team and compete."

    Zeller: "I'm really excited as well. I guess it's just one day closer to our first game but there are a lot of things that we have to improve on before the first game. The practices will help and we know we have a lot of hard work left."


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