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    Errek Suhr and Ben Allen Visited Marlin Elementary School Oct. 6

    Go Hoosiers! Ben Allen and Errek Suhr read to students at Marlin Elementary School.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Ben Allen and Errek Suhr read to students at Marlin Elementary School.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 6, 2006

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Hoosier Hysteria may be a week away, but students at Marlin Elementary School received a special visit on Oct. 6 from Indiana senior guard Errek Suhr and sophomore center Ben Allen. Suhr and Allen visited with students in grades K-6 to emphasize the importance of reading and education. Suhr and Allen's visit kicked off a season-long program that IU head coach Kelvin Sampson says is beneficial to both the program and the Bloomington community.

    "This is something that we have always done," Sampson said. "No. 1, it stresses the importance of reading. We want to send a message to the elementary school students that exercise is for the body just like reading is for the mind. It does not matter what you read - everyone always needs to work on his or her vocabulary, conversation skills and word recognition.

    "It also shows our players the value of being a role model and giving back to the community."

    Suhr and Allen are both education majors, so they were an ideal duo to kickoff the program. The pair met with kindergarten through third graders and read them Craig Dorfman's I Knew You Could. I Knew You Could is the tale of the little blue engine that perseveres through good times and bad, and Suhr told the students how that applies to everyone.

    "In life, you need to work hard and keep a positive attitude."

    Allen and Suhr's message to the fourth through sixth graders focused on the importance of balancing school work, sports and life outside those two areas.

    Allen hopes that the visit was just as educational for the Marlin students as it was for Suhr and him.

    "I enjoy sports and teaching, and once my basketball career is over, I would love to teach all facets of sport," the secondary education major said. "Things like this are important to give back to the community, both the students and the parents. They're the ones that help support our basketball program."




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