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    Off The Court With...Tom Pritchard

    Go Hoosiers! Tom Pritchard
    Go Hoosiers!
    Tom Pritchard
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 13, 2008

    Indiana freshman forward Tom Pritchard sat down with recently to give his thoughts on a wide range of topics, from why he wears the number he does to the most influential person in his life.

    What is your favorite game/shot/moment playing basketball?
    "The best moment for me was my senior year against our rival school, St. Ignatius, I hit a buzzer-beater to win the game."

    What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make since joining the Indiana basketball program?
    "The intensity and enthusiasm. I know coach Crean wants us to come with that every day and I'm usually a shy guy. It's going to take some time for me to get used to being more vocal on the court like coach wants us to."

    If you had to list one person/place/thing that led you to Indiana, who would it be?
    "The thing that brought me to Indiana was the tradition. The tradition with five national championships and how all the fans here about basketball is amazing. It's just a great thing."

    Before joining the Indiana basketball program, what was one word that came to mind when some one said Indiana basketball?
    "One of the top five schools in tradition and in basketball experience. With all the championships they have, its obviously one of the top programs in the country."

    What are you looking forward to the most going into this year?
    "Just being on center stage and playing in Assembly Hall in front of 17,000 fans for every game."

    What do you enjoy doing when you are not playing basketball?
    "I like to play video games ever now and then. I also like to play ping-pong with Daniel Moore and some of the other guys. But not much more besides that, just a lot of rest and sleep."

    Who has been the biggest influence in your life so far?
    "My mom because all the advice she gives me to help keep me out of trouble. And she has taught me all the life skills that I need so I was prepared for college and could come in and be successful."



    If you were not playing basketball, is there another sport you thing you could play at the collegiate level?
    "Maybe football or even baseball. I played baseball through my sophomore year in high school until I hurt my shoulder a little bit. My baseball coach was always telling me I could play baseball in college but I decided to take the basketball route."

    Do you have any superstitions before practice or games?
    "I just like to listen to music before games. I don't have a specific song, but I like Lil Wayne before a game."

    Why did you pick the number you did to wear at Indiana (Pritchard wears #25)?
    "Being the big guy in grade school, I would always get No. 52 or all the high numbers. But when I was in eighth grade, we got to pick our number and chose 25 and it as just kind of stuck with me."


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