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    Hoosier Profile: Je'Ney Jackson

    Go Hoosiers! Je'Ney Jackson
    Go Hoosiers!
    Je'Ney Jackson
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 21, 2010

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Strength and Conditioning coach Je'Ney Jackson talks about working with the men's basketball team. Here's a brief Q & A with the first year strength coach.

    How enjoyable has it been for you to return to the strength and conditioning aspect of intercollegiate athletics after spending so many years coaching?
    "It is great. I feel the strength and conditioning part of it is something I know like the back of my hand. I've been in it for a long time. I started it in college. It is very rewarding to see guys bodies change, see their performance go up and see our level get better."

    What do you think so far of this group?
    "I've received a great response from the guys. I think they see that I have their best interests at hand and I'm not going to ever let up. We're going to push. We're going to do every little thing right, and it will help us down the road to hopefully win big. I think their response has been good. They've seen their bodies really change and I think that has helped the most."

    How important are nutrition and rest?
    "Huge. Really, that is the most important thing. Everything else falls in line with that. Sure, you've got to get a lot of shots up, things like that, but if you don't get the rest, then the mental part of the game for you is going to be horrible.

    "Also, your body will not recover the way that it needs to, so you will not be able to perform at your optimal level. Even last night, I sat at training tables with our basketball players, just to see what they are eating, watch what they are eating, make sure they're there eating, those different types of things. Rest is huge. Nutrition, I talk to them all the time. We have a nutrition booklet that I've put together for them that has different recipes in it. If they're in their apartments, they can make things easily, things that they can cook within 20 minutes. So, that is huge. It is something I think about constantly with our guys."



    How young would you recommend a student-athlete to look into strength training?
    "The youngest that I would say is that summer that guys are going to go into the seventh grade, as far as weight-bearing strength training, meaning bar bells, dumbbells and things like that. I would wait until that time and then you start building some of that. It needs to be supervised, it needs to be with someone who is certified and know what they are talking about so as to prevent injury and to prevent guys from getting too big, too fast. The bones are still a little bit soft at that age and you can run into some problems.

    "As far as body weight things, all the time. When I was a kid, we lifted weights all the time, we just didn't realize we were doing it. We were climbing trees, we were jumping around on monkey bars and doing all of that different stuff. Kids don't do those things as much anymore. Kids are more inside, computer-driven and doing things like that. It was been going on, we just didn't realize we were doing it. So, I think when kids get back to doing that as far as doing body weight stuff with them, I think that is perfectly fine when kids are in fifth or sixth grade."

    How much time will the team spend doing weight work during the season?
    "I would really love to try to get three workouts a week in. Two of them being the furthest away from the game. I want it to be where we are stressing the muscle, where we are really moving some weight and trying to get stronger. Where we are keeping our reps low, but keeping our strength high. Then, as we get close to the game, I want a little bit more flexibility, more movement. Let's feel good, let's get ready to perform, let's get ready to go. I would like to try to get three in, but we'll see what the schedule permits."

    The Hoosiers will host "Night of the Living Red" on Friday, Oct. 29, in Assembly Hall. Admission is free and Trick-or-Treating will begin at 7 p.m. followed by a full team scrimmage at 8 p.m.


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