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    Tom Crean and Kyle Taber at Big Ten Media Day

    Go Hoosiers! Kyle Taber
    Go Hoosiers!
    Kyle Taber
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 26, 2008

    Park Ridge, Illinois - Indiana University men's basketball coach Tom Crean and senior Kyle Taber met with members of the press at Big Ten Media Day at the O'Hare Marriott in Chicago, Sunday morning.

    The Hoosiers next public event is this Tuesday when the Varsity Club hosts its annual Tip Off Dinner.

    The men's basketball team also is planning a "Haunted Hall of Hoops", Friday evening in Assembly Hall. Details of the event are still being planned.


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    On the program:
    "We are in a tumultuous state right now. The program is great. We just have to get through the state we are in right now. As a staff and for our players, we just have to take each day for what it is."

    On learning:
    "It is a great time for these guys to learn. We cannot take anything for granted. We had our Cream and Crimson scrimmage yesterday and right away you see all the little things we have to go over. Things that we've taken for granted with a more veteran club need to be addressed for the future. Right now building up that communication on the court and playing through fatigue is key, but where we end up is not the focus. It's getting better that day that is important and applying it the next day. Retention is probably the biggest thing we want to get accomplished right now. "



    On taking on a unique challenge:
    "It's just the way it worked out. In a situation where there was really no choice, there have been no regrets in any area. From taking the job or the decisions that were made, we just have to move forward. It's not our players', coaches', administrators' or fans' fault. It just happened, so we have to deal with it."


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