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    Dumes Looks For Success In Senior Year

    Go Hoosiers! Devan Dumes led the Hoosiers averaging 12.7 points last season.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Devan Dumes led the Hoosiers averaging 12.7 points last season.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 26, 2009

    Bloomington, Indiana - Senior guard Devan Dumes, who led the Hoosiers in scoring during the 2008-09 season, is one of three seniors (Tijan Jobe and Steven Gambles) who will enter their second season with the program. The Decatur Central graduate hopes to stay injury free as he finished fourth in the league last season in three-point field goals made per game at 2.5).

    Dumes averaged 12.4 points per game and scored a team-high 27 points in the Hoosiers win against Iowa.

    Q and A With Devan Dumes
    What is your responsibility as one of the oldest players on the team? And how can you bridge the gap from last year to this year?

    "Bring the intensity on defense, stay focused, keep everybody close, together and concentrated on our task."

    What have you seen in practice this far that has really pleased you as far as the direction of the program and how you can compete night in and night out?

    "There's still a lot of hard work, but the thing is we have a lot more talent. We had a lot of people that were talented before but now they are showing it a lot more."

    Does that take a lot of pressure off you guys like you, Verdell, and Tom who had to carry so much of the scoring load last year that you can just let the game come to you?

    "Yeah, I mean it really does. Last year, you had a few plays, you could drive or kick it to them and you knew it was going in, but now it's like every time you're on the floor Coach has everybody in a certain spot so whoever you kick it to they can make it from that position."

    What are your personal goals this year? Last year, you played through injuries, what are going to be some of the benchmarks you look for this year to keep you on the rise?

    "Stay healthy and play as many games as possible."



    What's your academic situation right now? Are you in line to graduate? What are you studying?

    "I am a general studies major, I'm on pace to graduate in May."

    Last year, you and Matt Roth were the two guys that people looked to to shoot from three with Verdell Jones III coming on late. With so many guys who can hit from long range, how does that change your game.

    "It will change my game a lot. I like to drive a lot so its really going to accelerate that part of the game. A lot of people arent going to be able to hop in as much. And they arent going to be able to slack off as much either. The decision making is going to be a key part to it be cause you have Maurice Creek, who is an excellent shooter, Jordan Hulls who is a good shooter as well. Verdell and Jeremiah Rivers have really improved a lot as we've seen previously, they've been shooting lights out.


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