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    Coach Crean and Players Meet With The Media

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 19, 2010


    Head Coach Tom Crean along with Daniel Moore and Tom Pritchard met with members of the media to discuss Sunday's game against Evansville.

    Here's what Coach Crean had to say:

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean
    On the play of the bench against Mississippi Valley State:
    "Well I think the bench is important because when we go to the bench, we don't want to drop off. If we're going to build real consistency in our team, that's what has to happen. It's not about depth - it's about consistency. When guys can step in and make plays offensively and defensively, it will be a big part of the plus or minus. Going forward and we hope that, defensively with rebounding, and offensively by not turning the ball over but taking care of it and making plays. That's a positive for us. I don't look at our team right now like it's starters versus subs, because there's so many different things that can happen inside of the season. We want guys prepared to play major minutes. To play major minutes, you have to get a lot out of the minutes that you get in whatever time frame that is. That's that part that we're focused on."



    On playing a lot of games in a short span early in the year:
    "Well, we've tried to make sure that we understand we have another big stretch coming up on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. We are looking down the long-range picture with that a little bit, but staying in the short term with getting your team better everyday and knowing that they are going to really have to bring it over a three-game period of time. The most important thing is to stay completely locked into playing Evansville on Sunday and I think that they are very locked in now."

    On Defending Evansville:
    "It's more than just one player. Kenny Harris is averaging almost sixteen points per game. They're averaging 80-points a game (as a team) and shooting 57 percent from the field and Colt Ryan is outstanding. Denver (Holmes) is very good. They make plays and they really work well together. We are going to see more screens and more curls and more slips in one game then we've seen in three games all together right now. We're going to have to be prepared to deal with it."

    On the team maturing early in the season:
    "Eight days ago we were starting the season so it's hard to tell on that but they have a good mindset. They have a very good focus. They are locking in to the game plan. They are locking in to what we have to do to get better. We have to do it everyday and that's the sign of maturity, can you do it everyday not just when you're winning or not just in a stand like this. To play the way they did and prepare the way they did in three games in five days says a lot about them in the first week of the season and now it's a whole other week and we've got to make sure that we keep taking it even further."

    On the Pros and Cons for Scheduling In-state Teams:
    "Well I think it's good. You can always look at it in sense of cons but I don't chose to look at it that way. Evansville has a very good program. Very respected. Marty is an excellent coach. They have very good players. It brings interest to the state. The thing is that you can't really afford to go on the road much when you're in Indiana and we chose to do that than doing a two for one with them to go in an extra year in their building. But you would like to play other people in the state but you can't go to their buildings like you could because of what we can get down here at home and because some of the things that we want to get scheduled for down the road. I think it's a positive. I hope the fans turn out and really enjoy it. When you're coaching against the team you're not thinking as much about in state as you're thinking about how good they are. I think they're a pretty good team."

    Tom Pritchard

    On the defense through three games:
    "Defense has been our main focus this year. We know that our defense can really help us win games and it is something that we have improved upon over the last couple years and we want to continue to improve upon it."

    On the team buying into defense:
    "It has been something that Coach Crean has always been preaching - that our defense will lead to our offense. Points off turnovers have been a key to sparking our offense these first three games."

    On Evansville:
    "They are really an offensive-based team. We have to continue our defense and play solid on defense so we can continue to do what we have been doing so far this year."

    Daniel Moore

    On the defense through the first three games:
    "Defense has been solid through the first three games. It has been what we have been building on and we have worked hard in practice and it's the reason we have been winning so far."

    On the team buying into defense:
    "Since the first day of practice, defense has been what we have been stressing. It has been important so far and holding the teams to around 50 points has been big for us."

    On Evansville:
    "I think any team that is from around Bloomington or in the state of Indiana is going to come in here and put a good fight. They have a good shooting team and they have a nice offense that they like to run so they will give us a good game."


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