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    Previewing Ball State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers! Tim Buckley, Associate Head Coach
    Go Hoosiers!
    Tim Buckley, Associate Head Coach
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 24, 2012

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana associate head coach Tim Buckley previews the Hoosiers' game vs. Ball State on Sunday, Nov. 25 in Assembly Hall.

    Tim Buckley, Associate Head Coach
    On what to focus on when facing Ball State:
    "Defending screens - we've got to get through screens to get to the shooters. We've got to beat the ball, can't get hung up at any point in time on those screens. The second thing is our post defense. Their leading scorer is Majok Majok and he's doing a really good job of carving out space down on the low block and scoring and getting fouled."

    On what he saw from the team in New York that will help them continue to be successful:
    "I would say grit, toughness, passion - I would say that when things didn't go our way we had a really good ability to get to the next play. I also felt like we were able to play a couple of different styles out there whether it was pushing the pace or grinding it out at the half court. I think that's always a sign of a pretty good team when you can play a lot of different ways."

    On different guys on different nights taking advantage of match-ups:
    "Well there's no question about that. Jordan (Hulls) and Victor (Oladipo) - all of that work that they've done when nobody's been watching came to the forefront when everybody was watching. That's what it takes. That's what this culture is - you've got to get in here and you've got to do extra. You can't just do what's required. You've got to be able to sacrifice for what's best of the team at any given moment, and I think we've done a pretty good job of recognizing who's playing well, where the ball needs to get, how we're sharing the ball - and then we also have some guys that can make some big plays. You look at Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell who's a freshman playing in that environment and he misses the front end of a one-and-one, and then he hits a big 3 in overtime at the shot clock, which we've seen him do about four times in practice at the shot clock. So it's one of those things where he's prepared for that, but had he not gotten past missing the one-and-one, he never would have been able to do that. I would say we definitely can get many contributions from a lot of different people."



    On the team's rebounding:
    "We've got to get better with our block outs, and being more physical with that block out and making the contact and making the hit. But what I would say is we've done a better job of pursuing the basketball, so we're at least doing the second half of what you'd like to see. You'd like to see the block out, and then you'd like to see the pursuit. The one thing we talk about all of the time is if the two big's are blocking out, then the other three should be free to go get the basketball. And if those other three guys, which usually are our perimeter guys go get the ball, we don't need an outlet pass and we push our break even quicker."

    On what makes Indiana difficult to guard on the perimeter and getting to the free throw line:
    "It doesn't seem like we've made enough free throws, because I think we can shoot a higher percentage at the free throw line and we most certainly will. But I think we've got an inside-outside game, whether that means playing through the post, driving the lane and kicking, getting people on late close-outs, attacking the rim. We have really put a concerted effort into when we're close to the bonus, lets do the things that are going to get us into the bonus and get us to free throw line."


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