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    Previewing Stetson at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 3, 2011

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head men's basketball coach Tom Crean, assistant coach Bennie Seltzer, freshman guard Remy Abell and Victor Oladipo talk to the media before Sunday's game against Stetson. Below is a partial transcript of what they had to say.

    Head Coach Tom Crean

    On preparing for Stetson:
    "Our guys have done a great job in learning and preparing in a short time frame for opponents and that will be important once we hit the heart of the conference season."

    "I think thus far the non-conference schedule has helped us get better each week. There is no doubt in my mind that our Division I scrimmage helped our mindset in a pressure-free environment and put us ahead of the game mentally. We have won games in different ways, we have won a rivalry type game, we have won on the road twice, and we have won when having adversity and having to come back."

    On having the 1987 National Championship team back:
    "It will be a very special day for Hoosier Nation to have the 1987 Championship team back. That was the first Final Four I ever attended and I have great memories of that experience. I also believe our players and coaches have a great opportunity to learn from that group about what it means to be a great team. When they see the genuine affection those teammates have for each other 25 years later, they hopefully will understand what a special time it is in their own lives. I'm sure there were many hardships, but in the end they came together and achieved greatness as a group and no one can take that away from them."



    Assistant Coach Bennie Seltzer

    On Stetson:
    "The thing about Stetson is that they play extremely hard. They are a very well coached team and they are going to come in here and get after us. They have one of the better big men in their conference. He has given a lot of teams problems with his ability to score inside and out.

    "This is also a team that shoots a lot of 3-pointers so if they catch fire they are a team that can really compete. It is going to be a good game, and a game where we have to play well. We are not going to win just by showing up. We have to play our game and play the way we know how."

    On what makes Adam Pegg so effective for Stetson:
    "They throw him the ball; they make an effort to get him the ball. They to a really good job of looking for him and getting him the basketball. And then when he gets it, he is pretty effective down low."

    Sophomore Guard Victor Oladipo

    On the win at NC State on Wednesday:

    "To be down like that and be able to come back on the road is a big win for us. It was the first time the seniors have won a big road game like that so it was an overwhelming experience. We came together as a family and made it through adversity. We just have to continue to build on that and come out and work hard each day."

    On the focus the team had a practice the day after NC State:
    "We had very high-level practices yesterday and today and we are anxious to get back out on the court tomorrow."

    On feeling the momentum building with the team:
    "We feel like we have a lot of momentum. It was a real big win and we just have to keep taking it a game at a time like we have been all season."

    On stressing perimeter defense against a team like Stetson:
    "We have been working on it really hard the last two days in practice because we know it will help us not only against Stetson but for the rest of the season as well. We know we have to continue to build off of our defense because that's the reason we were able to win on Wednesday."

    On the 1987 National Championship team returning to Assembly Hall on Sunday:
    "I know that is going to be an overwhelming experience to have a national championship team back in here. We have to make sure that we represent Indiana and play well. They are going to talk to us and we are going to get to talk to them. What they did speaks for itself - they were national champions."

    Freshman Guard Remy Abell

    On the confidence he gained from the NC State game:
    "I gained a lot of confidence. I was just trying to come into the game and bring positive energy to the team and help my teammates out as much as I could. Like Victor said, we are a family and we are going to try to build on it as much as we can."

    On being ready to play when called upon:
    "I know I have to be ready and come in every day at practice and work hard. When my name is called, I have to be ready to bring positive energy and help the team."


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