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    Previewing Mount St. Mary's at No. 6/6 Indiana

    Go Hoosiers! Hanner Mosquera-Perea
    Go Hoosiers!
    Hanner Mosquera-Perea
    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 18, 2012

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana men's basketball assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Kenny Johnson, along with Victor Oladipo and Hanner Mosquera-Perea, met with the media on Tuesday to talk about tomorrow's game against Mount St. Mary's.

    Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Kenny Johnson

    On Mount Saint Mary's:
    "They are a very similar style. They have a first year head coach that was an assistant at VCU last year and before that at William & Mary and is a friend of mine. They have done a lot of things, in watching them on film, very similar to what VCU tries to get accomplished, not only from their set plays but from their style of play as well. They are built on pressure defense in the full court and half-court. A large percentage of their points come from 3-point field goals. They actually lead the country with 43 percent of their points coming from 3-point field goals. They are a team that is going to play fast. They are going to shoot 3-pointers in transition. They are going to be in a diamond trap defense a majority of the game. When you have that many guys - they are averaging 27 3-point field goal attempts per game and making nine of them. They also have an inside presence, who over the last five games is shooting over 90 percent from the field. They present a number of different challenges for us and we have to constantly be aware of where the 3-point shooters are on the floor."

    On how the team has responded following Saturday's loss:
    "Our players are resilient. I think when they walked in the door, even last spring, they signed up for a marathon not a sprint. We are continuing on with the same process to make sure we maximize each individual day. That is our goal. It has never been about trying to have perfection in December. It is about making sure we maximize ourselves as a team each and every day. The guys are obviously very disappointed. The old saying `you can learn a lot from defeat'...well I like to learn a lot from winning. We have done that throughout the course of the first nine games of the season. We were never satisfied with what we were doing, we realized there was always a lot more to be accomplished. Coming back from the loss, there was some frustration and some hurt but you get back at it and get focused. You do some self-evaluation and attack the things that need to be attacked. That is what they have shown the last few days is that resiliency towards accomplishing those goals."



    On how to embrace the challenge of the rebounding drills:
    "I think that is the strength of the team is the competitive nature that they possess in general. Coach Crean does a tremendous job in every drill we do has a purpose to it and everything has an element of competition to it. That is the strength of the players in the program is that desire to compete. So the rebounding drills fall along in that same line, where we go after it. We notice some technique things that we were trying to improve and will continue to try to improve until we get to the standard that we are looking for."

    On what the team learned from Saturday's game:
    "What showed out in the Butler game, what we as coaches and through our communication with the players, we knew we did not execute in the way that we wanted to execute. I don't think there was anything that we learned or that popped up in the game that we were not prepared for. It is just a matter of making sure we come and execute the game plan each and every game."

    On the team being anxious to get back out on the court:
    "Again, they are a very resilient group. Believe it or not, and it sounds like coach-speak, but we talk about moving on to the next play. Despite the result of any game that we have played, it has always been about the next game and the next opponent. In between those opponents, it is about the next practice and the next segment of practice. It is about making sure we are truthfully trying to maximize ourselves as a team."

    On how Mount Saint Mary's is adjusting to their new system with their new coach:
    "They have done a tremendous job actually watching them on film. I know that they have not always had the results that they are looking for on the scoreboard. Before their most recent game that they lost, they had a 3-game winning streak. The way they are playing, how fast they cut, the screens that they are setting for each other and the way they are looking for each other on the court, I have been impressed with it. I thought it would have taken a little bit longer for them to have that cohesiveness, but Coach (Jamion) Christian has done a great job with his guys in molding them and shaping them. I expect a lot of great things from them in the future. I think they only have one senior on this year's team. They have done a good job of putting things together and establishing his culture that he wants."

    Victor Oladipo

    On the rebounding drills the last couple days in practice:
    "They have gotten real intense over the last couple days. It is one thing that we need to work on and it has been a big emphasis. I think we did a pretty good job of going at each other and making that a big emphasis for our team."

    On what practice has been like since Saturday's loss:
    "Intense, on both ends of the floor. Whether it's from coaches or players, it has been intense. We have been holding each other accountable, not that we weren't already, but now it is every little thing. We have done a great job the last couple days, from the players to the coaches, and we can't wait to play tomorrow."

    On Mount Saint Mary's:
    "They are a very good team. They are from Maryland and I know a couple of the guys that play there. They have a good program and good coaches as well as good players so we are going to have to be ready to play."

    On the similarities between the styles of play for Mount Saint Mary's and VCU:
    "There are a lot of similarities. Watching them on film, we have seen their `run-and-jump' press and their trap presses as well. We have prepared for that by working against it in practice and we did a pretty good job of it. We struggled (last year in the NCAA Tournament) against VCU, but we are more mature now that we have been through it and we know what to expect."

    On what Hanner brings to the team:
    "He does so many good things. He has long arms. He goes to the offensive glass and he rebounds the ball well. He seals (a defender in the post) like nobody's business. He is one of the best at sealing that I have ever seen. He is just another presence for us - more size and he's active. It is going to help us and the backline as well.

    "And you can say the same thing about Peter. He is long, athletic, blocks shots and he rounds. So it's going to help us."

    Hanner Mosquera-Perea

    On seeing his first game action of the year on Saturday against Butler:
    "It was a great experience being able to be out there with my teammates for the first time and being able to run up and down with my team. I have been watching the games and wanted to be out there. It was a great feeling."

    On what practice has been like the last couple days:
    "It has been tough, but practice is always hard because everybody is always going after each other. Ever since we started, practice is like a competition, and since I have started playing it has been great."

    On how hard it was to miss the first nine games:
    "It was a little difficult, but since I couldn't play in those games, I could just take everything into practice and practice hard and do what I can do in practice."

    On what his role is when he comes into the game:
    "I try to bring energy. And I try to be active all over the floor on defense and offense. I try to rebound the ball and help the team wherever they need my help."


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