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    Previewing Florida Atlantic at No. 6/6 Indiana

    Go Hoosiers! Cody Zeller
    Go Hoosiers!
    Cody Zeller
    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 20, 2012

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Head Coach Tom Crean along with Cody Zeller and Jordan Hulls talk about Friday's game vs. Florida Atlantic. The game starts at 7:00 p.m. ET and can be seen live on ESPN2 and on "".

    Here's a transcript of what they had to say:

    Head Coach Tom Crean

    On the unselfishness of the team, evidenced by 27 assists last night against Mount St. Mary's:
    "I think thsee guys are committed to making the next pass. We need people to score. We want to score, sometimes, in a hurry, but never at the expense of the next pass or the best shot. I think the way our guys are moving without the ball and the force of their cuts and the spacing, but most importantly the looking for the next pass, is what's helping our team as much as anything."

    On the bonding time the team has over break with no classes:
    "I think this is a close group to begin with anyway. This just gives them more of an opportunity to do that. They are a close group at all times and it is very obvious to all of us that's the way it is. But this gives them more of an opportunity to do things away from the court without time constraints. It gives them the chance to sit around the locker room just a little bit longer and watch television and talk. Those are all important parts of the season, just like taking bus trips and things like that. There is always something special in the experience that grows and those are the things that they remember down the road."

    On the ovation that Derek Elston received when he entered last night's game:
    "I thought it was great for Derek. I am not surprised because our fans our tremendous and they are loyal. I thought it was a great feeling for Derek. He already had a high level of energy and adrenaline so it probably calmed his nerves a little bit, and that's the most important thing. No matter how old you are, when you come back in for the first time from a situation, it is going to be a little different. He settled in and did an excellent job."



    On what challenges Florida Atlantic presents:
    "They can really score. (Greg) Gantt can really score the ball. They move the ball well and they run a ton of screening actions. They utilize them really well, whether they are curling or clearing out to look for a drive or using the 3-point line. Any Mike Jarvis team is going to be a well-coached, disciplined team.

    "My last time coaching against Mike was when I was at Marquette and he was at St. John's and I have been a Mike Jarvis fan, and more importantly a friend, for a very long time."

    On having so many people experience a game in Assembly Hall for the first time during these games over break while the students are gone:
    "I think there is a level of enthusiasm that people have any time they are in this building. But it is always a little different when they are here for the first time this season or their first time ever. That is exciting. This is the state of Indiana's program and that's the bottom line. Everybody in this state has a chance to cheer for the Indiana Hoosiers and have for so many years. So when they can come in and see it with their families, parents or grandparents and children, none of us take that for granted. We know that it is an absolute honor to be playing and coaching in front of them."

    Cody Zeller

    On the keys against Florida Atlantic:
    "Watching them on film, they have some scorers on their team. We going to have to come out and do what we do best, which is play in transition and play well defense. It seems like they are a pretty nice team on film."

    On the bonding aspect with the team now that classes are over for the semester:
    "It is a little bit different being on break so there are no rules about how long we can practice. It is a bonding experience for all of us because we are around each other so much, whether we are in the gym or getting a bite to eat. It is a good time for us."

    On having so many people experience a game in Assembly Hall for the first time during these games over break while the students are gone:
    "It is special, just because it might be the only game that they get to watch this year or even in their life. It might be their first impression of us, so we want to go out and play our best and put on a good show for them."

    Jordan Hulls

    On the keys to playing Florida Atlantic:
    "We have to have good transition defense, they like to get out and run and shoot 3-pointers. They have really good players who can score the ball so we have to focus on that and we can't have any miscommunication on defense. That is going to be the biggest thing for us."

    On improving his assist/turnover ratio from last year:
    "I have always wanted to be a good decision maker, although last night (against Mount St. Mary's) I had more turnovers than I wanted. I have always wanted to have a positive assist-to-turnover ratio and it helps a lot to have (Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell) in the game with me because he can handle the ball too so I don't have to have it in my hands all the time. So having him helps, but it is something that I have to do in order for us to win."

    On having so many people experience a game in Assembly Hall for the first time during these games over break while the students are gone:
    "It's a special feeling because whether the students are here or not, we are always selling out the arena. It was pretty loud last night and it is winter break so it was pretty cool to see that. The people that get to see us for the first time, we are trying to leave a lasting impression on them and show them how Indiana basketball can be."


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