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    IU Hosts Ameritech Hoosier Classic

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    December 26, 2001

    Hoosiers Host Classic
    Indiana plays host to the 20th annual Ameritech Hoosier Classic December at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The Hoosiers will face Eastern Washington in the opening game on Friday at 6 p.m. Butler and Samford will do battle immediately following the IU game.
    The consolation game will take place on Saturday at 6 p.m., followed by the championship at 8 p.m.

    Perfect Play
    Indiana owns a 38-0 all-time record in Classic play having won each of the previous 19 holiday tournaments. Indiana hs won its 38 games by a combined total of 932 points an average of 24.5 points per game. Last season saw the closest IU victory when the Hoosiers defeated Valparaiso by three points.

    Home Away From Home
    Indiana has had success in the city of Indianapolis with an all-time record of 59-8.

    With the exception of a come from behind victory at Charlotte, Indiana's victories have come when the Hoosiers have gotten out to an early lead and held that lead for nearly the entire game.
    Opponent Minutes Led Outcome
    Kentucky 1:39 L
    Miami 4:55 L
    Ball State 38:38 W
    Notre Dame 40:00 W
    Southern Illinois 6:35 L
    North Carolina 39:06 W
    Texas 32:48 W
    Marquette 34:34 L
    Alaska-Anchorage 40:00 W
    Charlotte 6:40 W

    Inside the Hoosiers' Three-Point Shooting
    The Hoosiers have gone as their three-point shooting has gone this season. In their six wins this year Indiana has made 54-of-122 (44.2 percent) three-pointers, an average of nine treys per game. In their four losses this year Indiana has hit 12-of-70 (17.1 percent) three-pointers, an average of three per game.
    Three-Point Shooting in Wins
    Charlotte 5-14
    Alaska-Anchorage 16-24 School record for threes in a game
    Texas 11-21 Sixth most threes in IU history
    North Carolina 9-26 Nine first half threes
    Notre Dame 7-17
    Ball State 6-20
    Three-Point Shooting in Losses
    Marquette 4-20
    Southern Illinois 4-18
    Miami 1-15
    Kentucky 3-17

    Odle Hits Double Digits
    Senior Jarrad Odle led the Hoosiers in scoring against Kentucky with 12 points, his second double-digit output of the season. He netted a career-best 14 points against Alaska-Anchorage earlier in the season. Heading into his final campaign Odle owned a career-high of nine points. He has scored 55 points this season for an average of 6.1 points per game. His top single season output for points scored came last year when he netted 86, an average of 3.4 per game.

    75 Points Means Victory
    Indiana has won its last 18 games dating back to the 1999-2000 season when it scores 75+ points. Over that same time span the Hoosiers are 12-21 when scoring less than 75 points.

    Swatting Away Records
    IU is averaging 6.4 blocked shots per game this season. At this current pace the Hoosiers would swat away 186 shots this regular season. The all-time school mark of 178 blocks was set last year.
    George Leach leads the block party with 33 of them an average of 3.3 per game. His current pace would give him 96 on the regular season, which would rank second on the single season school record.
    Jeff Newton ranks second on the team in blocks and continues to climb the school's all-time list. His 19 blocks this season brings his career total to 124 which ranks seventh on the all-time list.
    1. Alan Henderson 213 1992-95
    2. Uwe Blab 196 1982-85
    3. Dean Garrett 192 1987-88
    4. Ray Tolbert 152 1978-81
    5. Eric Anderson 137 1989-92
    6. Andre Patterson 127 1989-92
    7. Jeff Newton 124

    Bench Scoring
    Indiana's bench has scored 221 points this season, an average of nearly 22.1 per game. The high came against Alaska-Anchorage when the bench scored 36 points.
    Bench Scoring Total Leader
    Kentucky 25 Odle, 12
    Miami 27 Coverdale, 16
    Ball State 27 Coverdale, 19
    Notre Dame 22 Coverdale, 11
    Southern Illinois 17 Newton, 11
    North Carolina 33 Coverdale, 17
    Texas 18 Coverdale, 11
    Marquette 12 Odle, 8
    Alaska-Anchorage 36 Odle, 14
    Charlotte 14 Leach. 8

    Three-Pointers Spell Victory
    Indiana is 16-1 all-time when either Kyle Hornsby, Tom Coverdale or Jared Jeffries connects on three or more three-pointers in a contest.

    To Start or Not to Start
    Tom Coverdale has scored in double digits in six of the last seven games with his season high coming against Ball State where he netted 19 points. He currently ranks second on the team in scoring with 11.8 points per game.
    He has come off of the bench in five of the last seven games after starting the team's first three games. He has provided an offensive lift from the pine scoring 74 points in those five games (14.8 points per game).
    In his five starts this season Coverdale has scored 44 points, an average of 8.8 per game.

    IU Goes As JJ Does; 6-0 When He Has a 3
    Indiana has gone as its All-America candidate Jared Jeffries has gone this year showing just how important he is the Hoosiers' success. Jeffries has averaged 19 points per game in the Hoosiers' six wins this season and just 9.5 points in their three losses.
    His shooting numbers are all better in victory as he has connected on .493 from the floor in wins as compared to .283 in defeat and .631 from three as compared to .000 in losses. Jeffries has hit atleast one three in every win this year, but has yet to drain a three in a loss.
    Jeffries in Wins Jeffries in Losses
    Field Goal Percentage 39-79 (.493) 13-46 (.283)
    Three-Point FG Percentage 12-19 (.631) 0-6 (.000)
    Free Throw Percentage 23-33 (.727) 12-18 (.667)

    Three-Point Record Could Still Fall
    Twice this season Indiana has connected for 10+ threes in a game including a school-record 16 against Alaska-Anchorage. They also netted 11 treys against Texas and hit nine in the first half against North Carolina.
    On the season Indiana has hit 66 threes (6.6 per game). At this current pace the Hoosiers would drain 191 threes during this regular season. The school record of 197 which was set back in 1992-93.

    Career Years
    Career highs are falling for Hoosier players this season. Six IU players have already set new career-highs in important statistical categories.
    Player Statistic Opponent
    Jeffries 28 points Notre Dame
    Jeffries 5 steals Miami
    Fife 20 points Alaska-Anchorage
    Fife 5 steals Miami
    Moye 20 points North Carolina
    Odle 14 points Alaska-Anchorage
    Coverdale 12 assists Alaska-Anchorage
    Leach 10 points Miami
    Leach 10 rebounds Miami
    Leach 7 blocks Miami, Texas

    Scoring in the Last 5:00
    Tom Coverdale leads the Hoosiers in scoring in the final 5:00 of games this season as he has 25 points during that window. Jared Jeffries is second with 23 points.
    Player Points Free Throws
    Coverdale 25 12-13
    Jeffries 23 12-17
    Moye 15 9-12
    Fife 10 2-4
    Leach 9 1-2
    Newton 6 4-4
    Hornsby 4 0-0
    Johnson 3 0-0
    Tapak 2 0-0
    Odle 2 0-0
    Perry 2 2-4

    Starting Lineups
    Game Starters Points
    Kentucky (L) Jeffries, Newton, Moye, Coverdale, Fife 27
    Miami (L) Jeffries, Leach, Fife, Perry, Hornsby 26
    Ball State (W) Jeffries, Leach, Fife, Perry, Hornsby 47
    Notre Dame (W) Jeffries, Leach, Fife, Perry, Hornsby 54
    So. Illinois (L) Jeffries, Leach, Moye, Coverdale, Fife 43
    No. Carolina (W) Jeffries, Leach, Moye, Fife, Perry 46
    Texas (W) Jeffries, Leach, Moye, Fife, Perry 59
    Marquette (L) Jeffries, Newton, Hornsby, Coverdale, Fife 37
    Alaska-Anch. (W) Jeffries, Newton, Hornsby, Coverdale, Fife 65
    Charlotte (W) Jeffries, Newton, Hornsby, Coverdale, Fife 51

    Battling the Unbeaten
    Indiana has faced four teams who owned a perfect record when it faced them including Charlotte (1-0), Marquette (4-0) and Notre Dame (7-0) and Miami (8-0). Two others owned just one loss when facing the Hoosiers.

    Looking for 44 From Starting Five
    Indiana is 6-0 this season when its starting five scores 44 or more points in a game.

    Career Double Digit Scoring
    Player No. of 10+ point games IU Record
    Jeffries 37 25-12
    Coverdale 26 19-7
    Newton 21 15-6
    Hornsby 14 11-3
    Fife 13 9-4
    Moye 5 3-2
    Odle 2 1-1
    Leach 1 0-1

    Career Double Digit Rebounding
    Player No. of 10+ rebound games IU Record
    Jeffries 7 5-2
    Newton 2 1-1
    Hornsby 1 1-0
    Leach 1 0-1

    Coverdale Among Top 20 in Assists
    Tom Coverdale's 207 assists ranks 20th on the IU all-time career assist list.
    15. Lyndon Jones 306 1988-91
    16. Greg Graham 304 1990-93
    17. Neil Reed 285 1995-97
    18. Calbert Cheaney 227 1990-93
    19. Mike Woodson 220 1997-98
    20. Tom Coverdale 210

    Comparing Halves
    First half scoring 331 33.1
    First half margin +24 +2.4
    First half shooting .418 123-294
    Second half scoring 317 31.8
    Second half margin +16 +1.6
    Second half shooting .410 118-288
    Most Points, half 1st: 44, Alaska-Anchorage
    2nd: 57, Alaska-Anchorage
    Fewest Points, half 1st: 20, Southern Illinois
    2nd: 20, Kentucky
    Most Pts. Allowed, half 1st: 36, Texas
    2nd: 45, Notre Dame
    Fewest Pts. Allowed,half 1st: 17, Marquette
    2nd: 26, Kentucky, Ball State
    Best FG%, half 1st: .567, Alaska-Anchorage
    2nd: .595, Alaska-Anchorage
    Worst FG%s, half 1st: .258, Southern Illinois
    2nd: .258, Miami
    Best Defensive FG%,half 1st: .276, Marquette
    2nd: .281, Charlotte
    Worst Defensive FG%,half 1st: .500, Kentucky
    2nd: .636, Southern Illinois

    Fife Stealing History
    Dane Fife currently ranks fifth on IU's all-time career steals list with 140.
    1. Steve Alford 178 1984-87
    2. Greg Graham 151 1990-93
    3. Alan Henderson 148 1992-9
    4. Mike Woodson 142 1977-80
    5. Dane Fife 140

    Climbing the Points Scored List
    Four current Hoosiers rank among IU's top 100 all-time scorers.
    65. Jerome Bass 632 1960-62
    Ralph Hamilton 632 1942-43, 47
    67. Stew Robinson 630 1983-86
    68. Hallie Bryant 627 1955-57
    69. Jared Jeffries 613

    86. Ernest Andres 511 1937-39
    87. Ward Williams 503 1943, 47-48
    88. Charles Hall 501 1960-62

    89. Dane Fife 500
    90. Tom Coverdale 491
    91. Bob Armstrong 483 1947-49
    92. Chris Reynolds 480 1990-93
    93. Winston Morgan 478 1982-86
    94. Jeff Newton 472



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