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    In the Pros

    Indiana alums are prevelant in the NBA. Twenty Hoosiers have been selected in the first round of the NBA Draft and more than fifty former Hoosiers have gone on to play in the league. Indiana flavor can also be seen roaming the NBA sidelines as several Hoosiers serve as coaches.

    Logo Current Professional Players
    Name Pos. Team
    Eric Gordon SG New Orleans Pelicans
    Victor Oladipo SG Orlando Magic
    Cody Zeller PF Charlotte Bobcats
    D.J. White PF Sichuan BW (China)
    Christian Watford PF Hapoel Eilat (Israel)
    Jordan Hulls G Energa Czarni (Poland)
    Derek Elston F Floriana (Malta)
    Verdell Jones III G Oita H. Devils (Japan)
    Marco Killingsworth PF BC Donetsk (Ukraine)
    Earl Calloway G Unicaja (Spain)
    Rod Wilmont G Evreux (Iceland)
    Guy-Marc Michel C Panionios (Greece)
    Jeff Newton C Okinawa GK (Japan)
    Bracey Wright G Hapoel J-M (Israel)
    Logo Current NBA Coaches/Front Office
    Name Pos. Team
    Mark Cuban Owner Dallas Mavericks
    Lawrence Frank Assistant Coach Brooklyn Nets
    Glen Grunwald Senior Vice President, Basketball Operations New York Knicks
    Jared Jeffries Pro Personnel Scout Denver Nuggets
    Courtney Witte Director of Player Personnel Philadelphia 76ers
    Randy Wittman Head Coach Washington Wizards
    Mike Woodson Head Coach New York Knicks
    Logo Former NBA Players
    Name Draft Pick Team(s) Years
    Tom Abernethy (3rd Round / L.A. Lakers) Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State, Indiana 1977-81
    Steve Alford (2nd Round / Dallas) Dallas, Golden State 1987-90
    Eric Anderson   New York Knicks 1992-94
    Paul Armstrong   Ft. Wayne 1949-51
    Damon Bailey (2nd Round / Indiana) Indiana 1994-95
    Walt Bellamy (1st Round / Chicago) Chicago, Baltimore, New York Knicks, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans 1962-75
    Kent Benson (1st Round / Milwaukee) Milwaukee, Detroit, Utah, Cleveland 1978-87
    Uwe Blab (1st Round / Dallas) Dallas, Golden State 1986-89
    Tom Bolyard (3rd Round /  Baltimore)
    Steve Bouchie (4th Round / Detroit)
    Tony Brown (7th Round / Indiana)
    Quinn Buckner (1st Round / Milwaukee) Milwaukee, Boston, Indiana 1977-86
    Butch Carter (2nd Round / L.A. Lakers) Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 1981-86
    Calbert Cheaney (1st Round / Washington) Washington, Boston, Denver, Utah, Golden State 1994-06
    Wally Choice (1965 / St. Louis)
    Joe Cooke (6th Round /Cleveland) Cleveland 1971
    Archie Dees (1st Round / Cincinnati) Cincinnati, Detroit, St. Louis 1959-62
    Bill DeHeer (8th Round / San Diego)
    Steve Downing (1st Round / Boston) Boston 1974-75
    Jay Edwards (2nd Round / L.A. Clippers) Los Angeles Clippers 1989-90
    Brian Evans (1st Round / Orlando Magic) Orlando, New Jersey 1996-99
    Dick Farley (2nd Round / Baltimore) Syracuse, Detroit 1956-59
    Bill Garrett (2nd Round / Boston)
    Dean Garrett (2nd Round / Phoenix) Phoenix, Minnesota, Denver, Golden State 1988-02
    Greg Graham (1st Round / Charlotte) Philadelphia, New Jersey, Seattle 1993-98
    Steve Green (2nd Round / Chicago) Utah, St. Louis, Indiana 1976-79
    Glen Grunwald (5th Round / Boston)
    A.J. Guyton (2nd Round / Chicago) Chicago, Los Angeles Lakers 1999-02
    Ralph Hamilton   Indianapolis Jets 1949
    Bubbles Harris (14th Round / Cleveland)
    Kirk Haston (1st Round / Charlotte) Charlotte, New Orleans 2001-03
    Alan Henderson (1st Round / Atlanta) Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, Philadelphia 1996-07
    Ron Horn (2nd Round / St. Louis)  St. Louis, Los Angeles, Denver 1962-68
    Erv Inninger (1st Round / Atlanta) Minnesota, Miami 1968-69
    Ken Johnson (10th Round / Cleveland)
    Butch Joyner (9th Round / Cincinnati)  Indiana 1969
    Ted Kitchel (2nd Round / Milwaukee)
    Charles Kraak (6th Round / Fort Wayne)
    John Laskowski (2nd Round / Chicago) Chicago 1976-77
    Bob Leonard (2nd Round / Baltimore) Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago 1957-63
    John Logan   St. Louis, Tri-Cities 1946-51
    Scott May (1st Round / Chicago) Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit 1977-83
    Lee McCullough (13th Round / Houston)
    George McGinnis (2nd Round / Philidealphia) Indiana, Philadelphia, Denver 1972-82
    Jon McGlocklin (3rd Round / Cincinnati) Cincinnai, San Diego, Milwaukee 1966-76
    Andrae Patterson (2nd Round / Minnesota) Minnesota 1998-02
    Wayne Radford (2nd Round / Indiana) Indiana 1979
    Frank Radovich (2nd Round / St. Louis) Philadelphia 1962
    Jimmy Rayl (3rd Round / Cinncinnati) Indiana 1968-69
    Steve Risley (8th Round / Phoenix)
    John Ritter (8th Round / Cleveland)
    Herman Schaefer   Minneapolis 1949-50
    Don Schlundt (2nd Round / Syracuse)
    Lou Scott (5th Round / Baltimore)
    Keith Smart (2nd Round / Golden State) Golden State 1988
    Jerry Stuteville (8th Round / Indianapolis)
    Darryl Thomas (6th Round / Sacramento)
    Isiah Thomas (1st Round / Detroit) Detroit 1982-94
    Jim Thomas (2nd Round / Indiana) Indiana, Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota 1984-91
    Ray Tolbert (1st Round / New Jersey) New Jersey, Seattle, Detroit, New York, Atlanta 11982-89
    Bill Tosheff (4th Round / Indianapolis) Indianapolis, Milwaukee 1952-54
    Landon Turner (10th Round / Boston)
    Dick Van Arsdale (2nd Round / New York) New York Knicks, Phoenix 1966-77
    Tom Van Arsdale (2nd Round / Detroit) Detroit, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix 1966-77
    Lou Watson (3rd Round / Chicago)
    Bob Wilkerson (1st Round / Seattle) Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland 1977-83
    Bob Wilkinson (12th Round / St. Louis)
    Ward Williams (1st Round / Fort Wayne) Ft. Wayne 1949
    Randy Wittman (1st Round / Washington) Atlanta, Sacramento, Indiana 1984-91
    Mike Woodson (1st round / New York) New York Knicks, New Jersey, Kansas City, Sacramento, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston 1981-91
    Bracey Wright (2nd Round / Minnesota) Minnesota 2005-07
    Joby Wright (2nd Round / Seattle) Seattle, San Diego, Memphis, Virginaia 1973-75

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