Cream and Crimson Spring Game Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    April 14, 2012

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    Head Coach Kevin Wilson
    Postgame Quotes - Cream and Crimson Spring Game

    On the weather:
    "We've been having great weather all spring. I think this is the second or third time we've actually been inside. One morning we came inside, but I talked to the guys, with as good as the weather's been, we need to take advantage of some of the elements and learn how to take advantage of tough situations. We've got to play well on the road next year, we've got to play well when we don't get good calls or make good plays, so I kind of challenged them in the meeting to take advantage of the weather. We had a decent start, transitioned fields, I don't know if it was ideal or perfect, but I thought we got a lot out of it. It was a good day."

    On impressions of the day:
    "We missed a few tackles today that we haven't been missing. We let a couple runs get out. We're playing better team defense. We're getting lined up cleaner, not missing assignments, getting more guys to the ball. A few times I thought we could have made a couple plays that we didn't. A couple times (the offense) did a couple things that as an offensive coach you don't do. One time I went for it on a down and distance when you probably never would. But, hey, it's a spring game. Make a stop or make a short-yardage play. Didn't like our short-yardage play at all, but we don't have that with injury right now, we'll be good by the fall, but we don't have some big guy sets that we need. We do practice against our defense with some offensive linemen playing tight end, but we had some third-and-inches that we didn't get. That's great for the defense, not good for the offense. We took care of the ball okay. Forcing our quarterbacks to learn how to throw. Tre [Roberson] can run a little bit and Cameron Coffman is getting a little better. We're getting stronger, we're a long way off, there's a lot of work to do, but I feel like we're moving the way you want to go."

    On offseason conditioning:
    "It's voluntary, but you voluntarily win and lose, too. We'll give them the bulk of May off. We've got two weeks left, we'll get into a continued lift two days a week, let the kids come out and throw it around, play 7-on-7, keep working on the defense and pass timing. We've got exams the first week of May. We need to get stronger. The stronger you are, the bigger you are, the faster you are, the more physical you play."

    Sophomore QB Tre Roberson
    On excitement for next season:
    "I'm really excited. I can't wait until next year so we can come out and show everybody what we've been working on and that we're a better team and a different team."

    On running back Isaiah Roundtree's play:
    "He showed his stuff out there. He came in and he cut really well, he ran really fast and he showed what he's got. He looked really healthy. He's been working hard every day and he looked really good."

    Senior DT Adam Roplogle
    On impressions of the defense:
    "I think we played well. There were guys hitting and making plays. There weren't as many turnovers as we wanted, but we'll work on that this summer."

    On focus for the summer:
    "We'll focus on our technique, getting off the ball, hands, eyes - those are the big three that we're going to focus on over the summer."

    Sophomore DE Bobby Richardson
    On defensive ends coach Jon Fabris:
    "Coach Fabris has been around a long time, so he knows a lot. He's teaching us all new stuff, so I feel like we're all getting better. We all feel with his coaching, it is possible for anybody. As Coach Fabris keeps teaching us and we all put it in our head, take our playbooks home and study, we'll be really good."




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