Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. Western Kentucky

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 30, 2008

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    Indiana head coachBill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "... I thought our guys came out and played really hard and had good intensity early. I thought our defense kind of set the tempo, which we were hoping. And then of course, Kellen had that big play that got us going from an offensive standpoint.

    I thought Western Kentucky did a really good job of controlling the tempo, particularly in the third quarter. The field position changed, and that was partly our fault and partly good play on their part. But one of the things that we preach (on defense) is to force field goals, don't give in. And I thought the defense did a really nice job twice in holding them to field goals. But give Western credit, they have some really good football players and, defensively, they really hung in there and made it tough on us.

    So it was a good win as an opener and now we have something to teach off of instead of just practicing."

    On Kellen Lewis' performance:
    "The two runs were huge. The first one really got us going. And one of the things that he does is when something breaks down, he has the ability to make something happen by running and he did that two or three times today that were big. And then the score at the end kind of put it away.

    They did a pretty nice job in the second half of sitting on some routes and hanging some guys at the line of scrimmage and got in some passing lanes. Particularly early on, I thought he was really sharp. He's and awful good football player and he played well."

    On Demarlo Belcher:
    "He is a really good young football player and he really impressed us as we went through camp. Early on, we thought maybe...he is really somewhat like James (Hardy) and hasn't played all that much football. He was an outstanding basketball player in high school as well. But as camp went on, he just kept getting better and better and we wanted to play him."

    Indiana junior quarterback Kellen Lewis

    Opening Statement:

    "I thought we went out today and played really hard. I actually did not know that I was that close to the touchdown passing record. Our main goal today was to go out there and score 40. We went out there and got the "W", but we still will have a lot to talk about on Monday because one of the goals for our season is to go out and score 40 every game."

    On the no-huddle offense:

    "I think it worked out excellent. We are in great shape especially the offensive line. It got to a point in the game where the defensive linemen were not even getting their hands down on their pass rush. We have great communication up front on the line and the receivers are running good routes so you know that will put points up on the board.

    "As much as we had bad field position on of the positive things is that we got the first 1st down and by the time we got to the other 40 we were running no-huddle and they were already winded. So the last 40 yards of the drive it wasn't as tough as everyone thinks it is.

    On being part of the first-team unit again:

    "I had butterflies in my stomach. It was kind of the same feeling I had last year but it was magnified because our main goal was not to make a lot of mistakes and I am always so hard on myself to it was also to not make many mistakes and not to just go out and play too confident."

    On getting a fresh start with the program:

    " It felt like I had been away from football for two years, even though technically if I had been on the active roster, I still wouldn't have had to suit up full-go (in the spring and summer). So going out there and saying I haven't been hit full speed in a long time looking at over the summer and the spring we don't get hit full speed anyway. But just being away from the team for that long and the time between seasons (made it seem new again)."

    On his increasing speed:

    "I did a little offseason training. We had a couple jokes on the team when I got run down at Penn State when I scored, and when the NCAA football game came out and they made my speed rating a little sub-par. Everyone has been teasing me. So I made it a point today that I didn't get run down."

    Freshman Tight End Max Dedmond:

    On his first game action:

    "It's crazy at the Big Ten level and a different atmosphere. Practice is different because you are going against your own guys but once you get against a real team it is a fast paced game. It feels great to be out there and great to be playing Big Ten football."

    On his role on the team:

    "Basically I am a split-out tight end. Everyone calls it the Dallas Clark position because he can get across the field and block the smaller DB's and linebackers and he can also get across the field and catch the ball."

    On IU head coach Bill Lynch comparing him to Dallas Clark:

    "Yeah he's a role model to have. He has great size and was a walk-on at Iowa. He has a mean streak in him I mean he gets across the field and catches balls across the middle and can get at a blocking level and block the inside run."

    Roger Saffold

    On the no huddle offense:
    "If we see something that we really don't like, we can change it at the line. Also the line has calls so we can change it up ourselves in order to get a better block for the running back.

    On the offensive line's performance:
    "I thought they did a great job. There are always some wrinkles that we need to work out. But I thought they did an excellent job today."

    On the biggest key moving forward:
    "The biggest key is to continue to play together to finish all of our blocks and get people on the ground."

    Western Kentucky Head Coach David Elson

    On the play of IU quarterback Kellen Lewis:

    "I'll tell you what, Kellen Lewis is a difference maker, and he really made the difference today."

    On the play of his team:

    "I was encouraged we came out and we competed -- not well enough to win -- but we competed hard all afternoon. You have to make plays to win, and Indiana made more plays than we did today."




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