Indiana vs. Indiana State Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 1, 2007

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    Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement: "It was a good win for our guys. It was an emotional period of time leading up to the game. The tribute (to coach Terry Hoeppner) was very, very well done. But these kids have really worked hard and endured a lot but we sensed this week that they were ready to play. I'm really happy for them and happy that we had a chance to play some young kids, which is important."

    On how he could sense the team was ready: "We really like this football team. I think, the few of us that have been around a little bit, there are some things that you just get a feeling for, and this is a good group. I think they have grown through a tough time and I think they believe in one another. We have a pretty good mix of senior leaders and young guys. They like playing football and they like playing football together. It's only one game but it is certainly something to build on."

    On James Hardy and Kellen Lewis tonight: "They are pretty good players. Early on it was a little bit like we expected. We were a little tight and I'm sure guys had a little dry-mouth going on and were nervous and all those things that go on on a night like tonight. So it helps when you have some really talented guys that can make some plays to pick you up."

    Indiana Player Quotes

    Kellen Lewis
    On having a good performance:
    "We had a lot of mistakes on offense. We had a couple of fumbles. I had an interception. There is no such thing as a perfect performance, but we are going to work to improve every week. Hope to prepare for Western Michigan next week."

    On the two long touchdown passes to James Hardy:
    "Originally, in our game plan, we had watched film from Charleston Southern, where the defensive coordinator came from. They played off in coverage. They like to run cover 3 and man, but guys were further back. We came out, and they were in press the first couple of plays. They kind of had us confused. We finally figured out maybe they were playing press and letting us go one-on-one on the outside. We figured a match-up between a 5'7 DB and a 6'7 receiver would be pretty decent, so we started taking shots down field."

    On the quick nature of the long passes:
    "It's kind of one of those things. The formation we were in we usually run the ball, and he called (offensive coordinator Matt Canada) a takeoff route. It's almost like you drop back and even if Hardy's really not open, again you got a foot on the DB, so you take a shot down field. It worked out for us."

    On the added emotions of this game:
    "I think guys use it as something to inspire them. A lot of the guys before the game, we knew that the video was going to be aired because we did walkthroughs the week before and we knew the whole process. You step back and watch the video. Different guys react in different ways. A lot of our team leaders, like (James) Hardy, Josiah (Sears), and Tracy Porter, instead of putting their heads down, they just got more fired up. So, it just rallied throughout the whole team."

    Josiah Sears

    On short yardage situations:
    "In camp we made a real commitment to improve the running game. We worked real hard on it everyday. I think it showed tonight. We were better in the running game than we have been in the past. We have to continue to improve and continue to make all of our blocks and all of our reads and all of our cuts properly. That's our goal and we'll work hard throughout the week. We've got to hold onto the ball, too."

    On playing on the road:
    "We play in the Big Ten and there are a lot of tough road games every week. We play in stadiums with over 100,000 people in them. Western Michigan is going to be wild. They are having a "black out." They are ready for us. I doubt a Big Ten team has been there before, so they are going to be hyped up and ready to go. I'm sure we'll work on crowd noise, and we will be ready for them."

    Indiana State Head Coach Lou West

    On coming into the game with emotion:
    "We would like to think we did. Again, the biggest thing for us was coming in going against someone other than ourselves. So I think there is a certain amount of emotion coming into this game as well for us."

    On Appalachian State's win giving Indiana State confidence:
    "Well, you know that was great for them and its always good for us to build off those things. But, you know we talked earlier about Southern Illinois being able to do it too. So our big thing was to make sure that we have confidence and understand that on any given day anything can happen but we need to go out and play and play with some intensity."

    On false start and pass interference penalties:
    "Again the false starts are first game jitters and I think we can overcome that. The pass interferences, I think the guys are in good position they've just got to do a better job of defending the ball, you know. I'm pleased that they're in position to get pass interference most of the time. I know a couple of them were very close and could have went either way."

    On how good Indiana will be:
    "Well, I think they're going to be very competitive. I think the kids over there played hard and understood what they needed to get done and I think they made few mistakes out there. Just the common mistakes like offsides and those types of things, but they have a few that they have to clean up. But, I think they got off to a good start."

    On playing receivers as good as James Hardy:
    "I don't know yet, but it will be hard to see too many better than him."




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