Indiana State vs. Indiana Football Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 2, 2012

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    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson

    Opening Statement:
    "Good game. I think we were good defensively, got a couple turnovers. Two turnovers in the second half. We're making some strides offensively. We shot ourselves a couple times, but it was close, and you make a couple strides as we move forward. Indiana State has a solid team, I respect Coach Miles a lot. I thought they were very capable and could win if we didn't play very well. We can play better, though. We made some of those plays last year where we were on the wrong side of the ledger. This year we have to overcome those plays and got a W for win one."

    On the aggressive play calling:
    "One, how well we're kicking it, and two, they're good enough. It's calculated gambles, it's no different than playing craps or blackjack, sometimes when you switch your hand up you get burned. It's calculated. A mathematical risk, and we have to score some points. The only disappointing thing for me, offensively, is that we had a chance to get a few more points and score a little bit more than we did. We hit the upright, we had a blocked field goal, but I have a lot of confidence in the offense. That was game one and I think as we go forward we'll be smart and take our shots. We were talking on second and third down that we were going on fourth down. We were trying to get to fourth and one, two, three. If we got the first down, great, but we didn't want to be fourth and ten."

    On how Tre Roberson performed:
    "I thought he did real well. I think he's going to have a real good year. He's a lot better than people think. We didn't want to run him a bunch, we didn't try to, we tried to keep him in the pocket, worked on that. I think you saw that he can throw on target, he's getting better and I think he'll do nothing but get better. I think, in time, he has a chance to be a quality player and a really good quarterback in the Big Ten. I think he, and I think the other two quarterbacks, will be capable of filling the scorebook whenever they want to. He had one throw I didn't like where we knew we had them off-sides and he made an aggressive throw, he threw it into the middle, I wish he would have thrown it outside. But there wasn't a lot of time to say, why didn't you go there. I know that one fourth down call that we didn't get, he missed the throw and he made a good miss. I'm very proud of the way he played. I'm not really surprised that he played well, because that's what I saw in practice."

    Indiana Player transcripts vs. Indiana State

    Larry Black, Jr.

    On the performance of the defensive line:
    "I thought we had a good game. I felt like we were getting hits on the quarterback and causing havoc. I felt like we were doing real good. We had one big play, just one busted assignment, but that comes with defense. We're excited, got a win and it feels good."

    On Shakir Bell's:
    "We just take it one game at a time and when you think about it just looking at the stats, one of those runs felt like 70 yards, so we felt like we held him in check most of the day. We came out and did our job, but it could always be better.."

    On what it will take for the defensive line to become the enforcers:
    "Get better each and every week, keep developing ourselves and just go hard every play and that should be good."

    On how they will fare in conference play after tonight's performance:
    "We're not looking down the road, we're just taking it one game at a time so when conference play comes around hopefully we're at our best football. Right now we're focused on UMass."

    On his individual performance and how he can improve:
    "I can keep getting better each and every day and I need to take those steps to keep getting better. I felt like today was a good start and keep building on it."

    On what they thought they got out of tonight's game:
    "I felt like we've got a lot of stuff we're going to learn from. The first game you always get the rust, out but I felt like we created havoc and just a couple of plays we gave up were busts. That comes with playing defense, but we got to eliminate those and keep working hard."

    Tre Roberson

    On how he felt tonight:
    "I felt pretty good. We got a win, that's always a plus but we have a lot of work to do. I have a lot of work to do and we're going to come out next week and work hard and try and get ready for UMass."

    On if he now likes having game tape he can go back on and watch:
    "It's always good to go out and play a game and see what you need to work on, see if all the worked paid off in the offseason. All the work has paid off but, we still have more work to do to be a good team in the Big Ten."

    On setting a career high in passing yards:
    "It felt good. I was just listening to the coaches all week and all spring, all fall. The (offensive line) protected very well, the wide receivers caught the ball, made plays and it just felt comfortable."

    On the offensive line:
    "Even on short passes I was able to look one way and then look the other. The offensive line played very well. I felt clean back there and I give them all the props."

    On how comfortable he feels compared to last season:
    "I feel way more comfortable. I'm more confident. I know the offense totally, so it just feels comfortable going out there and playing."

    On what needs to happen to be able to finish drives:
    "We had a couple of penalties. That will happen in the first game. We will work on it this week and not have those same penalties and have those same busts."

    On how much better he feels as a passer compared to last year:
    "I feel way better, but there's still a lot that I need to work on."

    On the difference of the mentality compared to last season:
    "We're more ready. We worked real hard this summer conditioning and we just felt more confident. This fall the camp was easier than it was last year because we more conditioned, more ready and we knew the offense and everybody knew the defense. We were more confident and more comfortable with it."

    Shane Wynn

    On what he saw from Tre Roberson:
    "Tre had a lot of poise tonight. He was confident when he was throwing the ball and he just calmed down the whole offense. Even when they scored he went up and calmed down the offense."

    On his block that helped Tre Roberson gain more yards:
    "The mentality was I wasn't going to let him tackle Tre. All week Tre was saving me on bone plays. I was like I cannot let him tackle Tre, so I just threw my body into him."

    On the up-tempo offense and if that worked to their advantage:
    "Absolutely. We caught them off guard. We were able to throw the plays at them that we wanted to throw at them and we controlled the game."

    On if they are now more comfortable playing that fast:
    "We trust each other now. We know what to expect from each other. We know how to get lined up and we all played together last year."

    On the biggest difference in Tre Roberson's improvement:
    "Tre worked all summer. Even when we had days off he would call me to come in and throw extra balls. He had ladders with Coach Will Peoples, he ran those every single day. He threw the ball every single day and he threw me deep balls every day."

    Indiana State Football Coach Trent Miles Quotes

    On having a chance to win in the final play:

    "We had chances throughout the game, but we didn't take advantage of them.  We had every opportunity to win the ball game; we just didn't take advantage of it. They were a very high tempo team that caused us some problems. They are well coached and they did a great job. I'm proud of the way our players fought. I feel great about our team and our fan support that we were able to have. We just didn't get it done, and that falls on all of us."

    On the mental mistakes:

    "I knew we would make some. We didn't have a lot of penalties. I think our kids will make a big step from this game to the next game, just from the mental standpoint of the game."

    On running back Shakir Bell:

    "He has been playing great. He doesn't amaze me anymore. Unfortunately for him, we have come to the expectation to play well. I thought Shakir (Bell) played with heart, ran well, picked up blitzes and just played an all-around game. He can play on any stage. He is the real deal. I'm glad we got him. He's a great competitor, a great kid and a great running back."




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