Postgame Quotes - Towson at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 3, 2010

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    Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "It was a good win for us in an opener. It was a long game and got a little sloppy there in the end. It was a really good opportunity for us in an opener to play a lot of kids. I think you go through camp and all the work these kids go through in summer and in camp, to get them a chance to play in that first one is important. A lot of them got quality snaps so we'll work from that.

    I thought offensively we were pretty sharp early. I think Ben (Chappell) played like we expect of Ben. Obviously we were missing a weapon like (Tandon) Doss. I thought the other guys were solid. It was good to see Darius (Willis) run. The defense really, for the most part, played pretty well. They gave up some big plays, two big plays. That quarterback is a good athlete. He's tough to get a hold of. We didn't know who was going to be their quarterback. We didn't know what to prepare for. He's a transfer so we kind of learned on the run. The fourth down run where we missed some tackles wasn't very good and then the touchdown pass wasn't very good, but you have to give them credit on that.

    "It was a solid win. I really like the idea that we have 16 days until we play the next game. I tried to turn that into a positive from the time we knew what the schedule was. We'll come in tomorrow and we'll watch some tape. A lot of the young kids will get a chance to watch themselves as well. We'll take the weekend off and then we can really get back to work and try to correct the things we need to before we start preparing for Western Kentucky.

    "The other thing I want to mention is I thought the student turnout was phenomenal. For a Thursday night, on our sideline looking down at them, it was cool. They were all the way to the top and they were into it. It was a game that got out of hand early and they stayed with it. So I appreciate that and I think there are even bigger things to come when we get back at home at the end of the September."

    On Ted Bolser:
    "He's a really good player. I don't know who I've talked to about it over the last couple of weeks, but I've been asked a lot and he might be a surprise player. I thought Ted had shown that. He's gives us a threat that we haven't had in terms of being 255 pounds and being able to get down the middle of the field the way he can. He'll catch it and he's got good toughness. He's just learning how to play the position. He was a wide receiver when we recruited him. A little bit like a lot of these kids we recruited, but we saw something in him that would be good. He'll probably develop a little sooner than we thought. He's got a good future."

    On Matt Ernest:
    "I think I reacted to the guys on the defense when he was taking off down the sideline and said `That's why we moved him there.' He's that kind of athlete. He would have played a lot at wide receiver tonight if he was still on offense. Normally, with Tandon in there it would limit his reps. On defense, he has great ability and good ball skills. That was a huge play for us."

    On the overall game:
    "The biggest thing is that we didn't have many penalties, we didn't turn the ball over, and we didn't' have any breakdowns in the kicking game. I think when you go into an opening game you're concerned about yourself and you want to make sure that you're sound and that you don't make those mistakes. We were very good. We had a couple of substitution mistakes late when we were playing a lot of kids. That's part of trying to get kids in and they were communicating about who they were going in for so I'm not to worried about those. Early on I thought we were sound other than giving up the big plays on defense.

    "In terms of if you can create turnovers on defense, obviously that's what we want to do. We want to create turnovers and we want to win the big plays. We created turnovers, but we gave up two big plays."

    Indiana Players Postgame Comments

    Darius Willis

    On starting the game:
    "It felt great. I loved being able to get out there early and do well for my team."

    On making crucial early game plays:
    "It definitely helps to get out there and make the first catch and the first hit. It really gets you into the game. It's a great way to get energized and excited. I was very eager after that"

    Ted Bolser

    On celebrating his touchdown:
    "I didn't even know what to do. Some people told me to throw my hands up, some people told me to jump into the stands, but I had the jitters, that's for sure."

    On the offense's performance:
    "I thought we did really well. All the tight ends did well and [Ben] Chappell did his job well. We missed our injured players tonight, but we all did really well."

    Demarlo Beltcher

    On Ben Chappell's performance:On what to take away from this game:
    "I think we did really well. I am excited to come back tomorrow and watch the tape. But overall I think we played well tonight. It's a great way to start the season."

    Ben Chappell

    On how Darius Willis impacts the offense:
    "He has a huge impact. He runs the ball hard and he is not afraid to take a hit. It's huge for us as a team. He stands in bounds and he helps move the ball."

    On going into the half with a lead:
    "We had a lot of help from our defense and our special teams. They all played so well. It helps when the offense gets field position like we had. It was a positive effort by the whole team.

    Mitchell Evans

    On how the team came together and played on the field tonight:
    "Setting the tone early, that's a good thing. Teams like this come in and are excited to play at a Big Ten Stadium, and that kind of inflates them early and they loss hope a little bit, so that is huge. The way our defensive stepped up and the way our offensive kept getting in the end zone, that's huge and that's what we wanted to do on the first game."

    On Matt Ernest's interception return for a touchdown:
    "That was a heck of a play. He'd been bringing in balls like that all camp and that's why they moved him there."

    On the two wide receivers moving to defense:
    "Good coaching I guess. We've always considered ourselves pretty good athletes and we try to do what we can out on the field and help the team."

    Matt Ernest

    On switching from offense to defense:
    "The more plays I'm in the more comfortable I feel. Obviously, after halftime I started to settle down. I was a little more patient and felt a lot better in the second half."

    Max Dedmond

    On why this game was special tonight:
    "It's good to get off on the right foot. We wanted to open and get a win under our belt and lead us to the next game."

    On his preparation and how he thought he played in the game:
    "I would grade myself as average. There are always things you can improve on. I got to block a lot more than I did in the past season. I got to work on my blocking throughout the off season and I feel like my blocking has improved because of camp."

    On what the team will work on moving forward:
    "We have a bye week so we have plen ty of time to prepare for Western Kentucky. It's a long season, it's a grind..but it is great to play Big Ten Football and it's great to play here."

    On being the lead blocker for three of the touchdowns:
    "Blocking, I'm trying to take pride in that more this year. We try and become complete football players. Leading up to those touchdowns it's a good feeling to see those running backs run pass you and get into the end zone."

    Towson Head Coach Rob Ambrose

    Opening Statement:
    "I feel much better than I did after last year's opener at Northwestern. At one point in the second quarter, I felt like we were clicking on offense, and we had a lot of momentum. But the truth is, in order for us to win a game like this, we can't turn the ball over, and we've got to get some breaks. We turned the ball over too much, and we didn't get any breaks tonight. Nobody expects us to win a game like this so we've got to try things like an onside kick and going for it on fourth down."

    On Chris Hart:
    "I am thrilled with the way that Chris played, minus the three turnovers that really hurt us. If he can learn to manage the game, he's going to lead us to a lot of wins."

    On Indiana:
    "I don't know how good Indiana is, but I know this- they're going to score more than 30 points a game in the Big 10 this year. They are very, very tough to stop. They can beat you in so many ways."




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