Indiana vs. Ball State (Lucas Oil Stadium) Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 3, 2011

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    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson
    Postgame Quotes - vs. Ball State
    Sept. 3, 2011
    Lucas Oil Stadium

    On the disappointment of losing the first game:
    "I wouldn't say disappointing as much as a little concerned. We need to do better at the line of scrimmage and give credit to Ball State. They did a nice job. We only forced them to punt twice. The defense did a nice job of not giving up a bunch of big plays and keeping them out of the end zone to some degree.

    "But we scored three points in the second half. We scored a touchdown on the opening drive and then scored one the rest of the game. You have to give those guys credit on both sides of the ball. Physically, I didn't think we rushed the ball very well and they did. They got in a lot of third-and-manageable and we didn't.

    "I'm glad we didn't have any turnovers but we didn't force any either. The kicking game wasn't bad but we didn't create much. And bottom line, it was like an old classic game where the team that won the line of scrimmage won the game. In my opinion, and to the naked eye, their offensive line and defensive line won the line of scrimmage consistently."

    On the offense not scoring after their first two possessions:
    "We missed some blocks, getting off schedule, some play calls by me - I am calling some of those plays. The first drive of the second half, we get a third-and-two and catch a blitz and miss a block and have to punt.

    "You saw at the end, we were a little more aggressive. We have a young quarterback and some young receivers. And if you look at it, they had 75 plays and we had 64 plays but they had the ball for 13 more minutes than us. They were running the ball well and we were not getting stops.

    "Offensively, we were not executing and coming off the field and wearing out a little bit. But we will keep looking at how we play. But the line of scrimmage wasn't real good and play-calling on my part, we will keep working on it."

    On what led to the advantage for Ball State at the line of scrimmage:
    "I don't know. Whether it is strength or the ability to sustain a block or get off a block. We will keep evaluating where we are. I think through the preseason we have been good and guys have worked awfully hard. We aren't going to change what we do or panic. We are going to do what we do and believe in what we do.

    "But now as you get into this game and games two and three, we will start gauging other guys in game experience and maybe how to put our guys in better position. And not in better position against ourselves in practice but in better position in games. Does that mean that we are doing different things with movements, coverages or blitzes? Does that mean we are doing things differently on the offensive line or with the quarterback play or running back play to create some running game? Because we need to run the ball for more than 100 yards to have a chance to win.

    "There will be some very strong evaluations, structure-wise, as now we start to play. I thought Ed (Wright-Baker), for the first time out, was okay. He didn't hurt us but at the same time, other than the (long touchdown to Belcher) we didn't make a lot of plays. We didn't create turnovers or make any plays in the kicking game. So it was kind of a bland, boring game, other than the line of scrimmage play, which we lost."

    Edward Wright-Baker, Quarterback

    On the team's play tonight:
    "The offense did some good things, the defense did some good things, we just have to pull it out, get better, watch film this week and worry about next week."

    On going for it on fourth down late in the game:
    "I should have thrown the fade to Damarlo (Belcher). I threw the out. It's over with. I can't do anything about that now. We knew what they were going to do, I just have to make the play. I just have to throw the ball where it is supposed to go."

    On his play:
    "It was my first game, my first game starting, I think I did alright. I think I can improve. Everybody can improve. I need to get the ball to Damarlo more, work on my footwork, work on my fakes. I can improve on everything. I'm not perfect."

    Matt Perez, Running Back

    On his thoughts on the loss:
    "It was frustrating. We feel like we're a better team than we played out there. The offense in the second half definitely kind of stalled out. We got off to a good start, but we had trouble maintaining momentum the whole way through."

    On the second half struggles by the offense:
    "We were playing from behind in the second half and they just made the right adjustments to get us in third-and-long, second-and-long and holding us to short-yardage running. They just did a good job of executing their game plan."

    On his overall play:
    "I started off strong. The whole team started off strong, but toward the end they just made the right adjustments. They were attacking the ball, they were swarming. I missed a few cuts. I probably could have done a few more things with it. I could've played a lot better."

    On what Ball State did well to slow the Indiana offense:
    "Their coaching staff made the right adjustments. They were doing a lot of edge blitzing on the weak side and they would come right down the line and get me right away. They swarmed, I don't want to say they figured it out, but they definitely had their hair on fire and they were coming downhill real fast."

    On responding from a loss to begin the year:
    "It obviously hurts, but one game doesn't make a season. I think we can build off that, improve in the areas we need to then we can come back."

    Damarlo Belcher, Wide Receiver

    On how the offense played tonight:
    "We moved the ball pretty well. Obviously there are a few things we need to work on and the defense needs to get more stops."

    On the loss and responding to it:
    "We just have to chalk it up as a (loss), just have to go back to practice, watch film and get better Monday and as the week goes on, get ready for Virginia."

    On the 65-yard touchdown play:
    "That is what I have to do, that's what I'm supposed to do. I have to make plays and make the quarterback look good, and that's what I did."

    On when it was tough for Wright-Baker to connect with him:
    "The line didn't block well enough, because every time I looked back, he was scrambling. Probably a break down in the line and that was probably about it. The line has to give him more time to get the ball off. We have to get better at that."

    On his thoughts of Wright-Baker's play:
    "I think he played great, for his first game really actually playing. He's got to come back, come in tomorrow, watch film, grade himself and be hard on himself and just try to get better."

    On why there is still confidence after a loss:
    "We worked hard all summer, we put a lot of work in, a lot of time. This loss doesn't mean anything. We just have to come back next week and prepare for Virginia."

    On getting a rhythm with the quarterbacks:
    "They are all playing great, Ed (Wright-Baker) deserved his spot. I don't think he played bad at all today. There are just a few things we need to work on, and I look forward to playing with him next week again."




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