Postgame Quotes: Indiana vs. Eastern Kenutcky

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 4, 2009

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    Postgame Press Conference

    Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "Well, it was a great win for us. It wasn't a thing of beauty at times, but any time you can win your opening game that is good. I think a lot of credit goes to Eastern Kentucky. There is a concern going into it playing a team that wins as much as they do on a consistent basis, they always think they are going to win. They are going to hang around. You have to play really well. I thought we did some good things on both sides. Offensively, we really hurt ourselves with penalties and turnovers, and these are two things we work extremely hard on. That was a little disappointing. But, that's part of an opener, you are never quite sure. We had a center that played his first college football game. The turnovers hurt us.

    "I thought all and all our defense played well. They flipped the field position at times. We will improve. I always felt it's a lot easier to improve after a win than a loss. You got some smiles in that locker room and guys that really feel good about getting a win. The other thing before we get into the questions is that the students were unbelievable tonight. It was tremendous. Fred Glass and his staff have worked so hard to get the students out and they came. It was a different atmosphere and we need them to come back, and make it part of the culture around here. I can't hear a whole lot with those double headsets on, but I can see. It was big."

    What were your thoughts on the pistol offense?
    "We didn't run the ball well, that was probably a little disappointing, but they weren't going to let us run the ball. They have some good football players, and until I watch the tape I don't know. I am disappointed we didn't gash them a few times. The other side is, partially in the first half, we used a lot of clock and kept their offense off the field. It did create some one-on-one situations on the outside and that's part of what we are trying to do. We know (Damarlo) Belcher, (Tandon) Doss and Mitchell Evans are pretty good football players and if we can get them some one-on-one that helps. Running the ball out of those formations helped us do that. It wasn't the offense; it was the fact that we needed to run the ball more effectively."

    In the fourth quarter, you did a good job of converting the first downs...
    "What were we, 6-for-13? We were about 25 percent last year, so that's a good improvement. The biggest thing is we didn't play that well in the third quarter. That's disappointing when you are 19-10 at half, you want to come out and you want to really play well that third quarter. We did, we got a stop, and we moved the ball pretty well, and we got a pick. From that point on, they really kind of controlled the flow of the game."

    Talk about Ben Chappell:
    "He played awfully well, and I think as the game went on, he missed a couple there in the last drive, I think there was an accumulation of hits on him as the game went on. The fact that they weren't going to let us run the ball by sheer numbers at the line of scrimmage forced us. Did it surprise me how he played? No, not at all. That's the way he's practiced here for a year. He really practiced well in camp. Belcher and Doss practiced well in camp, so he's got some guys to throw to."

    Indiana Wide Receiver Damarlo Belcher
    On whether he thinks IU might have thrown the ball more than others might have expected:
    "Yeah, but it was in the game plan. We wanted to run the ball a lot, but when they stopped the run, we decided to hit them with the pass."

    On the wide receivers:
    "Yeah the receivers definitely had a good camp. Our receivers are probably the best we have had in awhile. I thought we played well."

    On quarterback Ben Chappell:
    "Ben is a great player. He knows how to spread the ball around and we have many good receivers who can catch the ball. I thought we played well today."

    On his touchdown reception tonight:
    "The defense was playing soft and they weren't biting on any of our quick passes, so we thought we would try and go deep. "

    Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell

    General thoughts on the game:
    "It went ok. Eastern Kentucky played a really good football game. We could have done a few things better, but it's a win."

    On passing out of the Pistol offense:
    "We knew we could do it. We came out and wanted to run the ball and I thought we ran ok, but we will watch film and improve our running. That is no question.

    Indiana wide receiver Tandon Doss
    On how he felt he played tonight:
    "The crowd got us hyped during the game. The receivers were making plays tonight and you have to keep doing what you have to do."

    On the biggest difference between Ben this year and last year:
    "Ben and I now have a connection. We worked a lot in the offseason together, so we know the plays well."

    Eastern Kentucky head coach Derek Hood

    Opening Statement
    "I was really proud of our kids, especially since Eastern Kentucky isn't on TV a lot and you didn't see our kids out there dancing and prancing around out there after they made a good play. They played good, hard, cold, tough football, went back in the huddle and kept coming at it. I just loved the character of our kids. I just thought that was awesome. I also loved how they just kept fighting."

    "That was a tough battle. That's a Big Ten football team. They're big physical guys and our guys didn't back down. They just kept coming after them. So I am really proud of them. We just made a lot of mistakes. Probably the biggest mistake of the game was towards the end. I thought we should of used a timeout to give our offense a little more time. They got into a clock run mode, and we had two, and should of used one there on defense to give our offense some more time. And I think we would have been in a lot better position to win it."

    "I thought we stopped the ball well, we got to run the ball well offensively but I thought our receivers, some guys made some big plays. I liked both quarterbacks, both guys made plays. We've got to do a better job of getting pressure on the passes. We didn't get to them, especially early on. We didn't get to him at all, and he was back there forever."

    "I thought our special teams (play) was great, that's an area you get concerned when you are playing a BCS conference school. Down the stretch if they get a big special teams play on you because you're guys are tired and their deeper than you are with 85 scholarships ...I thought our guys were in great condition."

    On halftime adjustments:
    "Well the big thing I stressed to the kids was that if we keep stopping the run, and getting them in pure passing situations, he's (IU quarterback Ben Chappell) got to cool down. He had an unbelievable first half, plus their making circus catches and all that. So we have to keep stopping the run and we're going to be okay."




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