Murray State at Indiana - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 6, 2008

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    Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "Well, I thought we played a more complete football game than we did last week. The defense played very, very well again and really set the tempo. I like the way we played the second half this week. Last week we kind of lost our intensity. This week we kind of challenged the defense in the second half to get a stop and then the offense to take it down the field and that's what happened and then it kind of fed on itself. It was a good opportunity to get some other kids a chance to play and I thought they played well and we didn't have an offensive turnover and we had a couple on the defensive side. I thought it was a pretty good football game for us and gives us a little bit of momentum but also some things we can work on in the off week before we get going again."

    On the game:
    "I think it gives some confidence and you just have more to work off of. When you practice against yourself all the time you have nothing to compare it to. You don't know if you are good or the defense is good or vice-versa. But now that you have played a couple games and have seen different defensive fronts and defensive stunts you can kind of work off that. And when you have a little bit of success you have more to work off of. You know, I thought they played solid and all of the backs ran pretty well and the quarterbacks threw it. I was satisfied with how we played. Now, once you watch the tape you may find something else."

    On the running game:
    "Our spread attack was a little bit like last week; when you are getting all those yards but Kellen is getting them all and its part of the offense and this week they weren't going to let him run the ball. As a result, I think that had to do with why the others guys played well. But Marcus, it was good to get him going because he is such a threat. His speed when he splits that first one and the second was about 30 yards he made some good cuts on that one. So to get the ball in his hands, I think that is really important for us. And then the other guys, they made some good runs as well but I do think they weren't going to let Kellen pull it and run it tonight."

    On the preparation for this game:
    "Yeah I think so. I thought Wednesday was a good practice and Thursday was a good one. We had good walk-thrus. You learn about your football team all the time. Every team is a little bit different, the chemistry and the makeup of it. This team I feel like knows how to get ready to play a football game. I sensed that Thursday, Friday, and today was a long day waiting to play. There is enough experience even though there are not a lot of seniors. But they know how to get themselves ready. And again I felt Tuesday I had to get a little upset with them but I thought Wednesday, Thursday, and the rest of the week was very good."

    Murray State Head Coach Matt Griffin:

    On what you saw from your team tonight:
    "I'll tell you what, I thought our defense played well at times. I am very pleased with our defense. When you play like this, I don't want to say you have to play a perfect game, but you have to play very well. You can't turn the ball over and you have to capitalize on fake punts and we didn't do that.

    "Running the ball was a big match-up concern of ours coming into the game. We didn't do a good job of staying on blocks. We would get the initial punch, but we wouldn't stay on them. They would scrape off and make plays."

    On who he was more concerned with stopping, Kellen Lewis or Marcus Thigpen:
    "Pick your poison. The lesser of two evils is still evil. We said before the game, we are going to stop Lewis. But you know what, they've still got some players over there. Lewis, we thought, was the most dangerous. I think he's awesome. But give them credit, they run the spread offense and they take what you give them.

    "I don't have to look at the tape to know we don't have an effort problem. I think our kids played hard. Our first and second groups kept fighting at the end of the game. We'll keep adjusting week by week."

    Senior running back Marcus Thigpen

    On the running game:
    "We got our running game going, rotating three backs. It feels good to get few carries in front of everybody, being productive out there, getting your yards and scoring touchdowns on the ground."

    On rotating backs:
    "I think if we stay fresh throughout the year, everybody is just being there standing by you on every play, so rotating three backs I think is a great scheme."

    Junior quarterback Kellen Lewis

    On having fewer rushing attempts:
    "They did a good job at trying to contain me, which then obviously led to everybody like Marcus (Thigpen) and (Demetrius McCray), Brian Payton being able to get up the field. The defense kept closing on our reads and I kind of had a spy the whole game. Its kind of frustrating, but in the same sense they take away my run game and let them run for over a hundred yards, let them combine their attacks with as many touchdowns and that's fine with me."

    On having a balanced offense:
    "That's the beauty of the spread. If we know what their defense does, its going to be wrong. Their linebackers are going to be wrong. Last week, they did a good job of crashing their defense, and their linebackers were running to the play, and they were shutting down our inside runs, and they were giving me pulls. I was being allowed the open field. In this league they let people play more than their responsibilities and people stay on their backside and give you holes up the middle. As you can see, today we had a lot of rushing yards.

    "I think it makes it that much better. Teams don't know if we're going to run or throw the ball, whether I'm going to throw it or keep it, and as you can see today we mixed it up. Different running backs got the ball and had carries, different wide receivers got catches, it was a combined offensive effort today."

    Sophomore wide receiver Terrence Turner

    On how the team played:
    "I think we played well. I think we played as a team. Our coaches wanted us to play a complete game. That is what we worked on. We came out and played two complete halves. I think it was a good game and a good win."

    On what he learned from the game:
    "I learned that we play hard in all facets of the game, and that we were able to trust each other when we're out there. That is probably the best thing I learned to day. It is a good thing when you know you can trust the guy next to you."




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