Navy vs Indiana Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Navy vs. Indiana September 7, 2013 Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson Postgame Quotes

    Opening statement: "A lot of credit went to Navy. They've got a tremendous team, and we started spotting them 17 points. You don't get a lot of possessions. Turnover and score zones are critical. We've got them 4-of-11 on third down and we're 8-of-12, but when you play this team, they're going for it on fourth downs. They were 3-of-4 on fourth downs, so as the game went on we just came up short. I do think there was a lot of fight. We had a chance to give it up and didn't. You come out in the second half, you don't get a stop, they don't. Offense scores, defense comes back out and battles. Had a couple close plays, just couldn't make the plays we needed to. Had a chance to get a stop a couple of times and didn't. Offensively, we only have one punt, but we have one turnover. Our run game wasn't very good. They were numbering our box. We have to look at our plan and what to do moving forward. Play both quarterbacks. I thought we needed to throw a little bit more, but moving forward we'll look at our plan and how to do that. There's not a controversy, I just think collectively we are better with a couple of those guys playing, so we'll see how that goes moving forward. Credit to those guys. We got beat at the line of scrimmage. We tried to make adjustments. We knew we would need to. We knew they would come out in some unusual looks, and we didn't adapt quickly enough. So, it's a disappointing loss, but very, very proud because I think there was a chance we could've tanked it. We battled, battled, battled. I have to get us ready to play because we didn't start ready. I have to look at me and what we did, so we'll move forward and next week will be a huge challenge with Bowling Green. We struggled against Mid-American teams here recently and they're as good as anyone we've played, so it'll be a great battle."

    On Navy's triple option: "That quarterback is awfully, awfully good. They are no huddling with it. I read one of [Ken Niumatalolo's] quotes the other day, `when you've done it 26 years, you've seen about everything'. It's very unique. They're very good at it and then when they work that with their defense, mistakes are maximized. You just don't get as many opportunities. I thought it would be difficult, I would have liked to have stopped it better, but unfortunately we didn't."

    On issues defensively:

    "We didn't adjust well. I thought we were a little casual in our prep work here recently just in our body language and chatter. Were we on-edge and ready to play? I thought pregame started a little casual. I thought the game started a little casual and that being said, when we made our adjustments, I don't know if we got them made. I don't know if the kids understood. I'm not blaming those guys, it's a just a difficult deal. We tweaked it as best we could and it wasn't good enough."

    Sep 7, 2013

    Indiana Player Postgame Quotes

    Greg Heban

    Are you a little surprised that there wasn't a better performance from the defense?

    "Yeah, I am. We didn't come out nearly as ready to play as we needed to. We prepared for them for a year and a half, even going back to spring ball, and it's just a little discouraging that we didn't come out and play as well as we needed too. In the fourth quarter, we sort of stepped up and showed a little heart and attitude, but that's something that we have to come out of the gate with. "

    What went wrong out there technically?

    "They were trying to manipulate us as much as they could. They are going to change their blocking scheme as much as they can and keep us on our toes. I think our defensive line did a good job overall trying to get up in there and close off the dives, but once the ball gets on the perimeter to the safeties, corners, and backers have to make a play."

    Ted Bolser

    What did you think about the way the offense was clicking today?

    "I think we started clicking in the second half. We started out really slow, which ultimately could have changed the game."

    What are your thoughts on Nate Sudfeld's performance tonight?

    "Nate is doing a great job. He is a fantastic quarterback. He is going to be one of the best in the business. I love him back there. He is a great kid and a great quarterback. "

    Talk about the last drive and your catch in the end zone?

    "Nate Sudfeld trusts me and he threw a great ball, and I fortunately came down with it."

    Nate Sudfeld

    What worked for you after the first drive?

    "I was just trying to make a little too much happen on the first drive. I peeled with the swing, and it was a bad mistake on my part. After that, I felt that I got into a rhythm, and our offense was kind of clicking. We really dug ourselves in a hole. We really didn't give our defense any chance. We were playing catch up the whole time. I was proud of the guys' effort. We were in the game the whole time. No one stopped believing the entire game."

    Talk about the last drive and the pass (Ted) Bolser?

    "We were just trying to get the ball down the field, first downs. We knew we still had a chance. Just scrambled on that one and saw Ted get a little bit open and I was going to throw him a little alley-oop dunk. He has been making plays in practice and in the games. I wanted to get it high to him and give him a chance. I knew if we got the ball back we would have a pretty good chance to score."

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    Indiana vs. Navy September 7, 2013 Navy Head Coach Ken Niumatalolo Postgame Quotes

    On his thoughts about beating Indiana:

    "That's a good team. First and foremost, I have to give Coach Wilson and Indiana all the props. That was a battle. It was a heavyweight slug-fest where they punched us and then we punched them right back. It went back and forth just like last year and we were just lucky to come out with the win. Props to them and their program, but I'm super proud of our kids. It was a hard-fought team win against a very good football team. There's no doubt in my mind that Indiana is going to win a lot of football games this year, so to come to their place and finish out the end made me super proud of our kids."

    On the decision to sit [Keenan] Reynolds on their last fourth down attempt:

    "I was questioning the decision the whole time. If I had had a time out I probably would have called time out, but it was just a gut feeling. Sometimes in coaching, we have all these computer analyses, reports, and percentages, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling. It finished the game for us. All we needed was that first down and it was over.

    On what he leaned about Indiana when they faced each other last season that helped him this game:

    "What we took away from last year's game is that Indiana is a really good team. We had a pick last year at the end of the game to give us the win and it was almost the same thing this year with the final, last-second play we had to pull out to win. We are an evenly matched football team. If we played a seven game series it would probably go to game seven. We are both very close teams."




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