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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 12, 2009

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    Indiana vs. Western Michigan
    September 12, 2009
    Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "Well that was a great win for us and I mean that sincerely. Two weeks in a row and our defense really made some stands and that one today against a really good offensive team and a quarter back that's been there was big. I can't say enough for them and really some tough things happened to us along the way in that drive too with all the additional yardage tacked on with penalties. First-and-goal from the five and creating the turnover.

    "Really I thought we played well and really stayed after it against a good offensive team and a quarterback that can throw it. I don't know about numbers of sacks and all of that, but we were after them and they knew it. The offense, we got a little balance in our attack which we needed. We need to find ways to score touchdowns and not to settle for field goals in the red zone and certainly the blocked kick hurt us. That aside, it was a great win because it was an effort win and those are the kind you can certainly build on."

    On the penalties:
    "It starts with me. We will get the penalties straightened out. Penalties are on me. We will work the penalties out. There are some penalties that are great efforts by kids and that happens. We will get them straightened out, but I will hold my hand up on that one."

    On how to get them straightened out?
    "Well get started practicing again on Monday. We will address it and that's my job. So, you can judge me on that come next week."

    On the running game:
    "Yes, we did a couple extra things that helped us. We put in a little package with Mitchell Evans at quarterback. It might not have gotten big yardage, but it's one more thing the defense has to make adjustments for. So, it gave us a little bit of flexibility and then we got the big play (from Demetrius McCray). Adding a little bit helped us, but we probably blocked a little bit better. You always want more, but that's the kind of balance we have to have in our attack.

    On the fumble recovery late in the game:
    "All I saw was a whole bunch of bodies flying, jumping up and down at us coming off the field after we recovered it to tell you the truth. I think Middleton knocked it out. That's what they were telling me in the locker room. I will tell you a couple of things about that and really, the last week's turnovers are the same thing. One thing we have really stressed to the defense is to run to the ball, run to the ball. If you run to the ball, good things are going to happen because the next guy is the one that gets the turnover. I think that happened two weeks in a row. I think the biggest thing with the defense is that they just kept playing, they didn't quit."

    On opening with two tough wins:
    "I think it toughens you up. There's something that you build with every win and I think tough wins, wins, when your backs are against the wall. There are wins when a lot of teams don't quit, but just kind of give in, this team didn't, two weeks in a row. So, there's something in them. Those of you that have been around me a lot from the spring practice on, I have been saying this is a different group. That's what I am talking about; it's hard to put your finger on it. It's not always going to pretty, but I know they care and they are going to play hard. I know that."

    Indiana Player Quotes

    Mitchell Evans
    On playing quarterback:
    "I feel just as comfortable [playing quarterback]. I think it's because I had some chances to do it last year, but we've been doing it all spring and all fall, so it's not something new. I feel very comfortable. "

    Justin Carrington
    On the scoreless drive in the fourth quarter:
    "We're definitely going to look at the film and break it down and correct the mistakes that we have. We can't be making mistakes like that in the fourth quarter. Starting with myself and working with the quarterback, we are definitely going to watch the film, fix those mistakes, and get better next week."

    Nick Freeland
    On the kick that hit the post:
    "It was really fading, it looked like it was going to go in, but it was definitely fading and it dinged off the post. I'm still really happy it went in."

    On kicking four for five in the last two games:
    "I am definitely happy with that. I'm glad the coaches had confidence in me to kick it. It feels good."

    Ben Chappell
    On the changes in the huddle:
    "I think we are seven or nine deep in the offensive line, and I think that rotating those guys really helped today. All those guys have played a lot of football before, getting Justin Pagan this week, all those guys just continue to rotate and get better. I think that it will give us an edge."

    On the team's room for improvement:
    "It's great to get a win and right now that's what we're going to think about and worry about what to get better at. We know there are things that can be corrected and things we can improve. It's the little things."

    Demetrius McCray
    On being healthy and back in the game:
    "The last few years I have had a couple of injuries and I finally had surgery after the season last year and I fixed some little things. I told myself I have to have a good season. I made some sacrifices, I didn't go home during the summer. I stayed here and worked out and tried to put on some more weight. I tried to get my legs stronger because I haven't been running much because of my foot injury. I'm hoping to have a good year this year. Most of all, I am just happy to be out there."

    Western Michigan Head Coach Bill Cubit

    Opening Statement:
    "I really don't know what to say. We played about as bad as you can possibly play and still have a chance to win the football game. We go down there we don't block anybody and then the kid fumbles the football. You know we're going in for the winning score. It was like that all day long. We can't block five of them. We can't block the people up front. You know, we had chances to throw the ball down field, but we can't do that. We've got guys in our face. It's frustrating, it really is."

    On the offense appearing to be out of sync:
    "We're not very mentally tough and we're not physical. That's the biggest thing right now for us. We go up there and we spread them out and everybody thinks you spread them out but you spread them out to get the number in the box. So it's one on one blocking. I mean, it's not rocket science. We're not doing it. We don't make anything happen. We don't get those things. And then we run a one yard route on third and two. It just amazes me the little things that we're doing incorrectly. And we still got a chance. That's what's really frustrating to me. We don't block out the perimeter. The whole thing right now, it's not very good."

    On the fumbled snap on the punt:
    "No it was just a missed snap. That guy hasn't had one bad snap all year. He goes out there and has the bad snap all of a sudden they are in great position and we still hold. We get some grace on some penalties. We're in the backfield and you know the kid's trying to make something happen lifts his arm up and we get a fumble."

    On the fumble late in the game:
    "The kid feels bad enough. I know that kid feels bad. It's a whole team concept. Just try to be positive, and sometimes you go out there and they don't answer. I think we're doing too much. We've got a veteran quarterback out there. It's just little things."




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