IU-Akron Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 15, 2007

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    Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement
    "It was a good win for our football team, against what I think is a good football team. They presented the challenges - we knew they would. Their defensive front is very good and their secondary plays well. I think from an offensive standpoint, obviously Kellen was a difference maker because he really does put pressure on a defense. I don't know how many first downs he got when he just pulled it and ran with it. He played a very good football game.

    "Defensively, there were times when I thought we played very well defensively, and then we kind of got on our heels there at the end of the first quarter until halftime. I really feel like halftime came at the right time because they kind of had us on our heels, and we needed to regroup. I thought they came back and really played very solid and played the way we've been playing defensively, tackled better, put more pressure on the quarterback. The one drive they had, they made some pretty nice plays. The touchdown pass, he is a good receiver, and we were right there. He just made the play. I like the way the defense played in the second half."

    On whether the gameplan included running more with Lewis:
    "That is part of the offense. We try to have a balanced attack where with what the defense presents you, we have something to go to. We don't want to get to the point where they can just take something away, and then we don't have a plan B. Some of it is just him. It think that is part of the spread offense when you put that guy back there and snap it to him, he has the ability to hand it off, throw it, or run with it. He is a good football player. He is only a sophomore so he can get better, but he certainly was pretty good today."

    On the importance of halftime:
    "I think we had a chance to go in and regroup. We didn't make any adjustments in terms of X's and O's. It was just kind of regrouping. They had us on our heels. We talked about that at the half. We have had two straight football games where we were ahead 31-7 at half. If guys think that is the way it is going to be every week, it is not. We kind of got hit in the mouth there in the second quarter, and we just kind of took it. I think the credit goes to Akron. They played very well. The same thing that happened last week, we had some field position there in the first quarter down in the red zone, and we had to settle for a field goal one time, we threw an interception one time. We didn't take advantage of those and gave them a chance, and they took advantage of it. But in the second half, we came out and played pretty good. I really liked the drive when they cut it to 3. We needed to get points, but we also wanted to start to run it. We wanted to run clock. I thought our guys really responded there."

    On being ready for the Big Ten schedule:
    "We really have taken the motto that we are doing this thing one day at a time. I do think we have gotten better as a football team because we've stayed with that. We haven't gotten ahead of ourselves, and as a result we haven't taken anyone lightly, and we've played with great respect for our opponents. I like that. We are going to enjoy this night, and we are going tomorrow, and we know we're in the Big Ten, and we know Illinois. We have a lot of respect for Illinois because in some ways we are growing as programs and we've competed against them. We know how hard they've worked. We know it is going to be a good football team coming in next week. We are going to have a good week of practice and get ready to go."

    Akron Head Coach J.D. Brookhart

    On preparing for a quarterback like Kellen Lewis:
    "It's hard, I mean you've got a receiver outside you've got to handle that scares you, you've got a lot of different things offensively that they do that make it hard on you. Be prepared to try to keep him inside, squeeze the pocket, do all those things but it doesn't always naturally happen. He's intelligent, he takes them when they're there and then when you get him out there, we had guys in place but we couldn't make plays on him."

    On chances against IU after a good first half performance against Ohio State:
    "We knew this was a different challenge, especially because of him. They spread the field. Ohio State doesn't do that, they hand it off and we put extra guys in the box. This was a different challenge and I knew it would be tough on us defensively. I thought we did a decent job on Hardy most of the day but Lewis did some great things."

    Indiana Player Quotes

    Marcus Thigpen
    On the running game today:
    "Our offensive line came together and we started breaking tackles and finally seeing our reads."

    On not receiving any kickoffs:
    "Yes, a little bit. But the coaches have been telling me to expect that so I am starting to get used to it now. I am a little surprised when they do kick it to me. I am still waiting for a good kick to come to me."

    On using that as motivation on offense:
    "Since I can't break loose on a kickoff, I try that much harder to break loose on a running play."

    On the running backs play in the second half:
    "We didn't get that many carries in the first half because we were passing more. We decided we were going to run more in the second half. So we came out in the second half and the coaches told us to just pound it at them. That was our goal, and I like doing that a lot."

    Ray Fisher
    On his touchdown catch:
    "Early in the game I was in the same situation and I messed it up a little bit. The coaches told me next time I just have to shoot up the field. So when I got it the second time I just shot up the field and scored."

    On feeling more comfortable in the offense:
    "I feel way more comfortable. Getting spring ball under me and having the people around me that we do have all helped me feel more comfortable with the offense."

    On Kellen Lewis' ability on the field:
    "Last year he surprised me, but now I expect it every play. He is a great player right now."

    James Hardy
    On his touchdown catch:
    "I just ran my route and Kellen ended up slinging it in there. I honestly thought their guy got to it before I did. I just tried my hardest to squeeze the ball and it ended up coming in my hands. I knew I had to get in the end zone so I just dove in there."

    On Kellen Lewis' rushing:
    "If they are trying to take away the pass, that is the ability that he has. And that's why this offense has become so explosive. With him using his arm and his legs, moving back and forth around the field, it is hard for the defenders to defend."

    On Akron dropping more guys into coverage to take him away:
    "The safeties were rolling over to my side a couple of times. They just tried to throw different coverages at us to keep us confused. But we got the victory and that is the only thing that matters."

    Kellen Lewis
    On his rushing attempts:
    "That was not part of the gameplan. From watching the film on Akron, we thought they were going to give us stuff underneath, but they did a good job of getting their linebackers to the flat. So by the time they were getting back there, they were dropping eight into coverage. Our coaches just told me to take what they were giving me."

    On today being the ultimate in "take-what-they-give-you:"
    "Yes, I guess so. I didn't know I had that many rushing yards until after the game. Now I kind of know what Pat White feels like every week. I like staying in the pocket and throwing it to the big guys. Hopefully next week we will be able to get more throws in the air. But if they are going to drop eight guys and rush only three, then I guess I'll have to be the leading rusher on the team."

    On if he knew what the quarterback rushing record was:
    "Not at all. I assumed I was close to it, but I had no idea. I didn't know I was that close to 200 yards. If I would have known that, I might have tried to gain a couple more yards instead of taking a knee. But we had a lot of fun today. I was really proud of the wide receivers because they never once complained about not getting enough throws today. They just kept blocking the corners and that allowed us to get a lot of rushing yards."




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