Postgame Quotes - Ball State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 16, 2012

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    Indiana Head Football Coach Kevin Wilson

    Opening Statement:
    "Exciting game, didn't do a good job at halftime. Ball State did a nice job, as they did last year. They have a nice club and Pete (Lembo) does a good job. They play well against us because they know it's a big game for them. This is a big game for us. Our guys were ready. We tackled well the first half. We had 12 penalties for 127 yards, defensive interferences, holdings, personal fouls - things that we have to get corrected. I'm very proud of our kids, I thought all along we played well. I thought we had played pretty well offensively. I appreciate the way they hung in there and battled. Cam (Coffman) had a hip pointer, tried to play a drive with it and couldn't push off so we went to (Nate) Sudfeld at the end and that's why we played Nate last week. We'll need both of those guys. I don't think Cam's injury by any means is major, we tried to get him back but that wasn't a reason, Nate played well and got a lead and has a great future. Not to get the stop at the end, not to get some stops earlier, and really to play very, very poor in the third quarter. I have to look at it as me. I have to look at it as coaches. I can tell you, I look at our kids and I love the way they're practicing. We had a phenomenal week, the way they worked. I liked the way we were in the locker room. We're changing the mindset with those kids. They're getting better, but as coaches we didn't do a good job. We didn't do a good job at halftime making adjustments. We just kind of laid an egg and that is on me. You make calls and kids have to make plays, but I'm telling you I can look at our kids with a lot of respect. The defense can play a little better here and there, take some penalties out, but this game was all me and we'll move forward and get some things going in a good way."

    On what wasn't clicking in the third quarter:
    "We just couldn't get in rhythm. That's a credit to one - their defense making a stop or just whether you're throwing the ball, I know we tried to throw a couple short passes there early and just didn't connect. But if you can get in a rhythm, get you four, five, get you six, and get a first down, you get rolling. then you know the run, the pass, there's good flow in the game. We just didn't do a good job with execution or play selection. They didn't do anything dramatic. They did blitz a little bit more than any of the other games, but it was the same things they did last year against us. It's like here's how they attacked us last year, expect it. We didn't handle it early well. I think we had 340, 350 yards at halftime, and you're up by a point and I think they're sitting there at 180, if you're into stats. At the end of the day, they're 9-for-18 on third down. Rushing the ball they have 200 yards, we have 135. We had 55 passes, probably too many but of course we're behind. Eighty-seven plays, 550 yards. Defensively they ran the ball. They're backs are patient, big O-line, it kind of leans on you, and we didn't tackle well. Again, really just a poor job coming out of halftime. We'll talk about it as coaches and try to figure out what we did and try to do better."

    On what was going right in the last four minutes:
    "Just the protection a little bit, we just hit a couple shots. We throw a little corner route, we run a little swing-sit route, we swing corner. We did a nice job on the two-minute drive. We did a really nice job on the two-minute drive. We just couldn't finish it off on our side. We didn't sack them, so that was a big part. They do a nice job of protection and some play-action, moving the pocket. Our four-man game, we just didn't get home. Again, line of scrimmage game, I give that to Ball State. They run for 200 yards and we have no sacks. We told our guys on Monday this game will be won at the line of scrimmage, and at the end of the day, outside of penalties, that's probably the one thing that would give them the edge today, because they got us there."

    Freshman Quarterback Nate Sudfeld

    On his play:
    "I felt comfortable, very comfortable, with the play calls during the week. Coach (Kevin Wilson) gave us a list and said what do you like third-and-long, what do you like in different situations. He just kept calling plays and I felt good about them and I knew the receivers would make plays, the line was giving me some time, so I just felt comfortable. I felt like I had been out there before."

    On the importance of playing in last week's game to gain experience:
    "I think it did help just the first time going in thinking I'm actually in a college game and today I was ready. But I think it helped me get my feet wet just a little bit. But actually playing more today, I think that helped out a lot, too."

    On his emotions on bringing the team back:
    "I knew Ball State was a good team and it's never over. Coach is showing us a million situations when he was at Northwestern. People just came back, so I knew it was never over. Unfortunately for us, they made some big plays and like you said, the emotions were high and low but you try and stay level-headed the whole time. You can't let the highs get too high and the lows too low. You've just got to take it with a grain of salt and move on."

    Junior Running Back Stephen Houston

    On how the team's mindset will be coming into a bye week:
    "Just staying positive. We can't come into next week, although it is a bye week, with our heads down. We have to look forward to Northwestern. This game is behind us. Ball State is a good ball club. I'm coming in and having my team ready and playing our best against Northwestern."

    On the drive where he scored a touchdown:
    "Just trusting the play call, trusting the (offensive line) and trusting the whole thing. Once I made a decision to hitting it fast and not looking back, I just had to have the mindset to keep pushing forward."

    Ball State Head Football Coach Pete Lembo

    On the youth of the team:
    "We have some young guys out there.  I wish I could tell you we could line up with seven or eight seniors, but that's just not what we have right now.  We have freshmen and sophomores and guys who haven't been in the program a long time, and we just have to be patient."

    On deciding not to pull Patterson at the end:
    "Eric is playing very well for us.  Obviously, I wasn't happy with three defensive pass interferences in the last drive, but you could argue that he is playing as well as any corner we have right now, so we needed to leave him on the field for sure."

    On quarterback play:
    "I am very proud of Keith.  He works so hard at it.  If he has any fault, he is hard on himself.  I didn't look at our stats yet, but he certainly moved our offense up and down the field tonight."





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