Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. South Carolina State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 17, 2011

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    Indiana vs. South Carolina State

    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson Quotes

    On what is means to get a win:
    "It's good as hard as we've been working and the kids have been doing a lot of things that we like as far as their practice habits or commitments. So, to get some Saturday reward is something deeply needed and so hopefully that will continue. You keep trying to go to the well and ask them to keep working hard and have a great attitude and coming to work. When you have a couple of hiccups and end up on the wrong side of the ledger you know you worry about that in the coaching transition, who are the true leaders. At least to give them some evidence that we're on track and doing the right things, so it was nice to get a good win. We've still got a lot of areas to improve on but it was a good win."

    On playing freshmen on the offensive line:
    "I think as much as anything we are looking to shake some things up. We are losing some games and don't like the outcome. When you come out to practice and you don't see the energy from a starting group and you see second guys that are giving you more let's go to the next guy. Even though we are playing an FCS team, we did run the ball better, we did came off the ball, and we did fight and battle pretty good, and that's going to create competition. My deal if you don't like where you are at, work hard and change it. Don't accept it, don't mope around, don't feel sorry for yourself, because all you're doing is proving hey we're right yeah we're not suppose to win games. We're supposed to lose. You're right, we're not suppose to run the ball well versus coming out and saying `hey I'm going to work hard and fix it and improve and escalate.' We flounder in this vicious little circle and we keep going in circles chasing our tail and we get nowhere. As we went through practice last week as we got into Tuesday we thought those guys were playing harder so we went with them, and as we went through the week they actually practiced even better as they saw that they were going to play and the other guys didn't respond well. It'll be interesting to see again if a guy's got some fiber and a guy's got some pride, he'll come back scratching and fighting and as coaches that's what we were trying to do. We were fighting and scratching. We didn't like being 0-2 and we're looking for guys that want to embrace."

    On the play of D'Angelo Roberts:
    "It was good and it was needed. I didn't think in the first half our running backs ran very hard at all. I thought we just got what we blocked and looked to get tackled. We had some things where we could have gotten four, five, six, seven and we got two or three. We did stay with the run a little bit and have a little stick to itiveness there. But he has some energy, he's still young, he has glitches that you probably wouldn't see as far as where he should be on routes or protections, who he's getting. He hasn't haunted us, but he's still learning. He does have a lot of fire and he does have a lot of passion. He's a tough dude and that's something we need and it's nice to see him transfer that into some plays."

    On Duwyce Wilson's 100-yard day:
    "A couple big plays and we've got to get him going. We've got to try and get Damarlo going and get him some touches early. We need to keep working those guys up. It's nice to have a 100-yard day and make a big play. Kofi's swing pass on the run bubble pass where it was a combination of a run-pass where we threw it, that was a big play. All of those guys are capable as is Shane Wynn. You saw Cody pop a couple of plays. There are some there. Ed's playing well, but we get some guaranteed completions to some really good players and we've got to keep building, getting touches to Duwyce and Damarlo and those guys and compliment it with what we got from D'Angelo and those guys."

    South Carolina State Head Coach Oliver "Buddy" Pough
    Sept. 17, 2011

    On first quarter:
    "We got behind big, gave up a couple deep balls, and that's been a little bit of our Achilles heel. From that point on we got a little bit better, but at the same time, you don't get a chance to play quite as tough up front because of the fact that they kind of stretched us out a bit with the deep ball. That was probably the most disappointing part defensively.

    "We didn't do quite as much offensively in the first half, we couldn't keep it away from them. When you give them back two of them, the kind of offense we were giving to them, they ran 50 snaps to our 30 snaps. They wore our defense down pretty good. They didn't really come out and blow us out the second half but we were able to survive."

    On the possibility of IU targeting defensive back Mason Harris:
    "I don't know if that was the case on that but there must be something to it. We need to go back and look at it. I'll probably go back and ask them sometime in the coming days what was the reason for that, but it was a little bit of a tough deal."

    On passing game:
    "We were better. You can tell that there's a possibility of some sign of life there. We get back to our level, hopefully we'll play better then."

    On offensive line:
    "We didn't have a sack, we were able to survive out there. We got hit a few times though. We generally have a pretty good idea of how to keep people off of us because when you hit them with a screen, that kind of discourages them from coming after you so hard with a lot of blitzes. But the biggest thing you got to you got to just stay in front of them."




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