Indiana vs. Ball State Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 20, 2008

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    Indiana head coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "It was a tough ball game tonight, and they just outplayed us. Offensively, they have great balance, and we knew that going in. But when they run the ball like that, it is going to create some problems. Their offensive line played very well. (MiQuale) Lewis is a very, very good back. I think that was really key for them from an offensive standpoint. Offensively, we just never really got in rhythm, particularly our passing game. We have got to give them credit as well. But that's something we have to do is take advantage of opportunities, and they did a good job of controlling field position, too. We were playing on a long field. But I told our guys it is a tough loss, but it is one loss. We have nine big football games ahead of us. We have got to come back, go to work and get better."

    On Ball State:
    "They ran what we expected and that is why they are a good team. Good teams can line up and do their thing and they did a great job. It is hard for me to say without watching it, but just standing there and knowing, it isn't good when you miss tackles."

    On Ball State running back MiQuale Lewis:
    "We see all kinds of guys in college football today and he is a very, very good back and was a very, very good back in high school and he did a great job. He did a great job bouncing back from his injury that he had a year ago. He really compliments what they do with the passing game. You have got to give him credit. He did really well, especially after losing Dante (Love), who is a great player. He just kept playing."

    On the offense tonight:
    "I think it is just a case where we never really got in great rhythm. I think everybody thought at halftime it was just going to be a shootout. We had some opportunities and we just didn't take advantage of them. You know I'm playing some plays over in my head right now, a play here and a play there; a couple runs by Kellen (Lewis) and a couple passes to Andrew (Means). Then we kicked a field goal and they went on a real long drive."



    Indiana linebacker Will Patterson

    On shifting of the linebackers in the second half:

    "We made some adjustments at halftime and we started out doing something that we don't usually do. When we went back to what we do, we just weren't locked in like we should've been."

    On what coach Lynch said at halftime:

    "Keep fighting, we've been in this situation before. We have to learn from it and grow from it."

    Indiana wide receiver Andrew Means

    On what Ball State's defense did in the second half:
    "They pretty much did the same thing; we tried to go deep a couple times and it worked. I would've liked to do it a couple more times, but they weren't giving it to us every play, so we had to take what they were giving to us. We did good things when we did go deep, but they played good defense the whole game."

    On the loss:
    "Its just one football game, so you have to put it in perspective. You have to think about Dante Love and hopefully he can get better and hopefully he's doing well. But you have to put it in perspective and it's one game for the football program. We have nine more games to play plus the bowl game, so you can't think about it like that. You have to move forward and we know we're a good team and we have to come out against Michigan State and get ready to go."

    Ball State Head Coach Brady Hoke
    "I'm going to be real brief because I want to go see how Dante Love is doing. It was obviously a tremendous win. I thought our kids played hard. I thought they responded well and they kept getting after it. We're very excited, obviously, but we've got to get back in to our conference and our goal is to win that championship and we're a long way from it. I appreciate your understanding, but I'm going to go to the hospital. Thank you. "


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