Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. Illinois

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 22, 2007

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    Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

    Opening Statement:
    "Give Illinois credit because they played a really good football game. As a football team we never really got in synch and when you are playing a really good running team you want to stay within a score to put pressure on them. It seemed like we were always two scores down. Our kids played hard on a very hot day and they never quit. Our defense played really well in the second half and it was just one of those games where you have to give the other team credit. They made the plays and we didn't. We had too many turnovers and the punt block [those] are things that we know will come back to beat us. But again, Illinois came in with a good plan and executed it well."

    On the Illinois defense limiting redshirt sophomore quarterback Kellen Lewis:
    "Illinois did a really good job on him and they did things to keep him back there. We preach it all the time that you have to have balance in your attack, but we never found that balance."

    On the number of sacks:
    "We have to watch the tape, but I think it's a combination of everything and how Illinois played well. They mixed their blitzes and their stunts. We had to throw so many times because of the score. It's similar to our first three games when we got all of those sacks. When you are ahead and the other team has to throw, that certainly helps you get sacks."

    On the Illinois running game:
    "We knew they were a really good running team, they average over 300 yards, and they led the Big Ten in rushing a year ago. I thought we played it well in the second half and I'm not sure what the numbers were between their first and second half, but I would say there was quite a bit of difference. They do things that stretch your defense, but I liked the way our defense played in the second half."

    On the game's momentum:
    "When you are playing a good running team and when they are up two scores, then it really plays into their hands because they can run the ball and control the clock. They did a great job in the third quarter with their field position game. They were able to move the ball to midfield before we got a stop and their kid punted the ball pretty well. That played into it with us playing the long field in the third quarter."

    On the Illinois offensive line:
    "They did a nice job and that comes with having a great running game because it forces your defensive line to get so in tune with playing the run. They have a good option attack and they threw the bubble screens, which kept our defensive linemen turning and running. They did a nice job with their whole package today."

    Senior cornerback Tracy Porter

    On the plays he made in the game:
    "As far as what I wanted to bring to the team, I wanted to make plays and give the ball back to the offense and make great field position. I tried my best to do it, but obviously I can't do it alone. I need those guys on offense to score and the defense to step up even more. I made a few plays here and there to help out the offense and boost the morale of the defense, but we have to come together as an entire unit and finish the game off."

    On playing from behind:
    "We got a turnover on defense, and our defensive line did a great job of forcing the quarterback to make a bad throw, and we capitalized on it. Any time an offense turns the ball over, whether the defense gets a turnover or whether it is just they punt the ball, you look down on it, but the defense, we're not going to let that affect the way that we play. If they get a turnover, our job is to go out and stop those guys and that is what we did for the most part."

    Senior center Ben Wyss

    On different looks from Illinois' defensive front:
    "They definitely had a lot of twists, a lot of stunts and a lot of blitzes. They were very difficult up front for the offensive line to pick up. We tried to communicate as best we could. A couple times they just got us, but that is the game of football. You've just got to live with that and go with it. We made some adjustments on the sideline, and the protections did get better as the game went on. They were good up front, and they're going to win some Big Ten games."

    On whether this game was a step back for the offensive line:
    "I think it was just a wake-up call. We're in the Big Ten now. It is bigger, faster, and stronger. Maybe what might've worked the first three games isn't going to work the rest of the season. We're going to have to pick it up. Obviously we can't get bigger in just a few short weeks. Just manning up and being more accountable, we've just got to pick it up a lot more."

    Illinois Head Coach Ron Zook

    Opening Statement:
    "To be able to come in here with a Big Ten game, we were able to get off on the right foot. I'm proud of our players. I thought they played extremely hard. It was a great game. I talked to our players throughout the week about how they were going to see an athletic football team and we were able to get off on the right foot in the first half and we finished strong in the second half."

    On playing back-to-back road games and getting back home to play Penn State next week:
    "I don't know that I've ever been so excited to go back home and play. Even though it's only been two games, it seems like it's been a long, long time since we've been back in our stadium. I'm looking forward to going back. As I told our team, we're getting ready to play a great football team, a nationally ranked team. It will be a great opportunity and hopefully will be in front a full house."

    On Indiana's Kellen Lewis:
    "He is a great football player. I was really impressed with him and the way he handled the football and the way he threw the football. I'm proud of the way we contained him."

    On the difference turnovers made in the game:
    "Turnovers are going to happen. I kept telling our defense to just keep playing and they'll happen. That's what you have to do in the Big Ten Conference."




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