Missouri at Indiana Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Missouri vs. Indiana Sept. 21, 2013

    Indiana Head Coach Kevin Wilson Quotes

    Opening Statement:

    "It's disappointing to lose and not play better than we did, but you have to give a lot of credit to Missouri because they played well on both sides of the ball. Offensively they had a lot of balance. We did create a few turnovers and had some stops but not nearly enough. They worked us hard at the run game, which got going much better than ours and their line of scrimmage and defensive line did a very nice job. When it came to us I think we were just out of sync and out of rhythm. Nate [Sudfeld] has played awfully well but tonight he didn't get a lot of help and that didn't make him look as good. Tonight we went to Trey [Roberson] with a drive or two just to spark the offense. We will keep working both those guys in our game plan; there's not a quarterback controversy. We will just keep playing them and see how it goes. We put Trey in because we felt that we needed a little change of pace. I do appreciate the way our kids fought, but we have to get to a point where we play in games like this in a much more efficient way. We can't fall behind, give up points, and be a one-dimensional team. We worked a lot on getting our run game going and we worked a lot on trying to be a better run defense. To me, the key to that game was the fact that we had 98 yards rushing and they had 280. That being said, we didn't get a lot of quarterback pressure and they definitely did. It's disappointing to lose, but we've had good practices. We have a lot of improvement to do and they bye-week comes at a good time. We are sitting at 2-2 in a pretty good non-conference schedule, which is kind of disappointing. We have an open week which will give us a chance to get some guys healthy and we will see if we can do some self-evaluation on what we need to do to put our players in better positions and play at a higher level. We will then have a three game run with Penn State at home and two games on the road against Michigan State and Michigan. We will take a look at ourselves and see what we need to clean up and then we'll start prepping and game-planning for our next three games, starting with Penn State."

    On the Hoosiers' stalled running game:

    "We can look at play-calling mostly. To me, I felt like we needed to stay with the run. Last week there were 28 runs in the first half and 21 passes, where today, there were 30 passes and 10 runs. To me, that signals play calling. They were doing a fair amount of movement up front with some different slants and things and we also just didn't execute well. We will look at how we prepared and what our game plan was, but the bottom line is they just kicked our tails up front."

    On the issue with the quarterback protection:

    "When you're not running the ball well and you end up in second-and-ten and third-and-ten situations, you're going to have to throw the ball. Nate [Sudfeld] was just a little too quick in progressions a few times and that caused some problems, but when your surrounding parts and playing well and you have some balance things work better. I think the key to this game was balance- Missouri played with balance, and we didn't.

    Indiana Players

    Tim Bennett

    What are your thoughts on the game? "We didn't do our job as a defensive whole. We didn't come out there swinging or hot. We didn't come out there ready to play.

    It seemed like the defense took strides forward last week and backwards this week "We're still getting better every day. We are just taking it one step at a time. We don't take this game as a major step back. We just need to learn from it. We have to learn from this liked we learned from last week. We just have to keep learning."

    What can the team get done in the bye week? "We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and evaluate ourselves and try to get better."

    Greg Heban

    What was Missouri doing well against the defense tonight? "I think they had good balance with the run and pass. I think they came out just as we thought they were going to. The defense didn't step up as much as we needed to. I think we played pretty well. Once the offense is struggling a little bit, that's when the defense needs to step up. I just don't think the defense did that as well as we needed to."

    What adjustments were you trying to make tonight? "I think we could have been a little more aggressive. Besides that, I think the execution that we had, they just kind of nickeled and dimed us. It's something that we need to improve on. I'm glad we have this next week off so we have two weeks to improve."

    What makes James Franklin tough to deal with? "He is definitely a dual-threat quarterback. You have to be alert for him on the draws. He is an accurate quarterback. He is big and athletic and that's something we prepared for. I think he did a great job looking at his reads."

    What did you see on those two interceptions? "I was playing single high safety and just reading the quarterback's eyes. I saw they were releasing two vertical down the left side and I just made a play."

    Cody Latimer

    Can you talk about the offense having some trouble getting going? "We started off slow. We didn't come out ready to play. We just started off sluggish and needed to make more plays."

    What went well on the drives when the offense put up points? "Our quarterback wasn't getting pressure. The receivers and running backs were making plays."

    What were you trying to get done that wasn't working? "We were trying to get our run game going. The run game wasn't going good as usual. We were trying to get our run game going so we could get an even run-pass game."

    Sept. 22, 2013

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    Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

    Opening statement:

    "First of all I think Indiana has a real good football team. I think [Wilson's] doing a good job of building this program; they battled back the entire day. Just very pleased overall with the effort and competitiveness of our football team. I think we're a better football team now than we were a few weeks ago and that's good. There are certainly things on each side of the ball that we can do to improve. We get that and I think they get it and I think they're driven to get better. I think it was just a lot of good things. Like we do every week; these are the things we did good, these are the things we need to improve and we'll get back to work on Tuesday."

    On what made Marcus Lucas so effective:

    "Opportunities. I talked to the team Thursday about play makers and how great teams have to have playmakers and not just one or two. There's a bunch of guys making plays out there today; you can go all over the place. You have guys making plays and runs and things like that. We have a really close team and you could sit in the locker room and clap your hands and say `team, team, team' all you want, but if you don't have guys making plays you're not going to win. I think our guys recognize the importance of that. They have the ability to do it and some of the others guys do too."

    On defensive effort thus far and holding IU to 28 points:

    "I think we've got really good players. I think they're getting confidence. They're also all staying healthy so we can practice and keep getting better. You're not just out there trying to make it to the next game. Again, it's a test. It's one test. We will have many ahead of us and we understand that. I think our defense really responded well and did some really, really good things. I was kind of disappointed that [IU] got that score against us at the end because I don't think the score is reflective of how they played, but overall a lot of good things."




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