Indiana vs. Michigan State Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 27, 2008

    Head coach Bill Lynch

    "I thought it was a hard fought football game. A lot of big plays shifted the momentum of the game throughout. We came up a little short there in the late third quarter into the fourth quarter, and then once we got down two scores, it made it a little bit different. I like the way our kids fought because that was something that was certainly a point of emphasis for us coming out of last week, and I was really proud of the way they fought and played. The mistakes that we made, we can get those corrected. With that kind of effort, I was really pleased. A lot of young kids and guys that haven't played much had to step up and play because of the injuries. That is a part of Big Ten football. Every guy we sent in there was ready to play. Give them credit. They're a good football team, and they certainly played the way we expected them to."

    On finding his team:
    "I think that in every football season you learn more and more about your football team. We played a couple games, had a week off and didn't play the football that we wanted to play here last week. I thought we came out and had a great week of preparation and then went out and fought. We played the way the game is supposed to be played, with enthusiasm and with passion, and everybody did it. I think we stuck together throughout (the games) on the sideline, helping each other, and that is the kind of football that we want to play."

    On slowing down in the second half:
    "I think the last two weeks, the score of the game changes some things. There were a lot of plays in that game, and we got stopped I know on our first drive of the third quarter, but we moved the ball some all the way until we were two scores down. That changes what you have to do. I thought our offensive staff did a great job putting together a plan. I thought our guys executed. We played with a bunch of guys who when we came to the game today didn't expect to play. Kellen (Lewis) got hurt, and Ben (Chappell) came in and played great. Our backs all played hard. Marcus (Thigpen) certainly made plays. (Andrew) Means went down. Tandon Doss went down. Other guys had to step up and play, so I was really proud of them. We've got to score more points, but I thought all in all our offense played pretty well."



    On using Kellen Lewis and Ben Chappell on the field at the same time:
    "I just think it was the right time to do it. It can give us something because they are both good football players. It isn't just a hokey type of play either because Kellen can obviously make plays in a lot of different ways. Ben can certainly handle the quarterback part of it. We thought it was a natural thing, and we worked on it throughout the offseason. We felt like we were going to use what we had today."

    On Kellen Lewis as a decoy:
    "You've got to know where 15 (Lewis) is. There is no question, but he is more than a decoy. I think that is the good thing about it. There are a lot of things he can do, but we lost them for a while when he got hurt. When I look at the final numbers, I thought we moved the ball pretty well."

    Indiana Running Back Marcus Thigpen

    On the effect of the holding call that negated the touchdown pass:
    "After that call, that was game-changing right there. After that, the momentum just went to their side. They got the two points and we had to kick it off to them.

    On the play of both quarterbacks today:
    "I feel like the quarterbacks played great today, we played Michigan State they have a great team. We came with it as players but we just fell a little short."

    On his performance:
    "Coming into spring, that was our main goal just trying to get me open space whether it was backfield or in the slot or playing wide receiver out wide, but that was one of our main focuses trying to get me out in space, and it worked out great."

    Indiana Quarterback Ben Chappell

    On using the package with both he and Kellen Lewis:
    "That was something we practiced in camp and were preparing for. We were just waiting to get called and waiting for the right time."

    On the highest of highs and lowest of lows in three seconds there
    : "I guess you can say that, it was a tough one, but we kept fighting and I'm proud of all these guys."

    On Kellen as wide receiver, do you like that?
    "I do, just getting the ball in fifteens hands is special so that's what we try to do."

    Indiana Wide Receiver Terrance Turner

    On the effect of the holding call that negated the touchdown pass:
    "Obviously you're disappointed that they called a penalty but it happened in high school a couple of times so I'm used to it, I guess. Just have to bounce back from that."

    On the team's play this week and last week:
    "I feel that when you're working hard, sometimes it's going to be called. Sometimes you go out there and giving one hundred percent, then get a holding call or not get a bad call. I mean, it just happens, its part of the game."

    On whether that touchdown that was called back was the difference:
    "I think it definitely hurt us, if you get a lot of penalties its definitely going to hurt you but I think you can't necessarily look at it as the only reason why we lost. We didn't play as well and we didn't execute like we should have. They executed when they needed to."

    Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio Postgame Quotes

    Opening Statement:
    "All I can say is wow. Great win by our football team; we persevered. We kept playing through things. Indiana came out, did an unbelievable job. I thought they played very well, extremely hard. A very well coached team, as we talked about coming into this football game. They were motivated. The one thing that you can't ever underestimate is the human spirit and I think they played an excellent football game. In regards to ourselves, we just kept coming. Offensively, I thought Coach Treadwell called a great game. Pretty consistent in what we did. I can't remember whether we had a turnover or not. I don't think we did and we came up with three from them. We did have the blocked punt, which is another error, but we survived it with a great play by Aaron Bates. "

    "I thought Swenson was unbelievable; I think he was 4 for 4, 3 from over 40 so he did a great job. Defensively, we gave up some big plays, but they're a talented football team. Played much better in the second half once we got passed that long one that went out the gate when they had the hold. So I'm very happy to get the win and I can't say enough about our players. We talked about just staying together, persevering through things, taking momentum back, if you want something you've got to take it, us being down here by ourselves and a road win and all those different things at halftime. So there was no panic, we just kept playing. And it's a credit to our football team and our coaches and coaching staff and we're very happy and ready to get on the way back home."

    Is this a sign that this team is getting mentally stronger?
    "Well, I hope so. I hope it continues to prove that we'll come out and play. We came out again focused, and we're never going to throw in the towel around here. We're going to keep playing and keep coaching for the next play. So when we make a mistake, we coach to the next play and play for the next play and I think that's what our players did. Offensively, I thought we played pretty well other than a couple dropped passes, we pretty much did what we needed to do."

    On the intensity of the game:
    "Well, there's a lot of stuff going on. Yeah, a lot of stuff going on. I thought we responding pretty well last year, our seniors did a great job and we just kept fighting, we didn't come out on top at the end but, a game like this could have gone either way. You guys saw that, you felt it. You were here, you felt that."

    On Indiana's no-huddle offense:
    "Well, it wasn't so much the adjustments that we made it was what they were doing. They were some things that we were practicing, but you know a lot of this stuff when you work against an offense, a no huddle offense, it's a little bit about getting used to the tempo of the game and what exactly is going on. So I think our guys we sort of settled down and a little bit more disciplined. They still made some plays the second half, but we played a little more disciplined and gave them a couple bad plays and a couple long yardage situations and we came away with turnovers. I know we came away with two of them the second half."

    On the Indiana offense getting the ball to QB Kellen Lewis:
    "We felt like they would do something to get the ball in Lewis's hands. Somehow, some way, they were going to get the ball in his hands. I thought their quarterback, Ben Chappell, came in there and did an outstanding job when Lewis went out for a while and didn't know if he'd be able to return. He did an outstanding job and really moved their football team."


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