Indiana vs. Northwestern Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 29, 2012

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    Indiana Postgame Quotes
    Head Coach Kevin Wilson

    Opening Statement:
    "We had a couple chances here in the first half, end of the game to get some points. You look at the stats, they worked us. In the first half, we didn't do much, maybe five first downs, so pretty poor first half, offensively. In the second half, we felt that maybe we contained the run game. We only held the ball for 23 minutes, so we got lucky to almost have a chance. The kids battled and played hard. We needed to get some stops defensively, but only created three turnovers. The return game was pretty good. We had a big kick return, which is an impact play. We didn't give their return guy a chance."

    On reading Northwestern's running game:
    "The bulk of it was kind of a new wrinkle, a pistol set. We worked a lot on their split-back set, option veer. One time Kain (Colter) pulled one down and had a 10 or 15-yard touchdown run on one of the plays. They didn't work us as much with that. They had a zone back play where they're going the other way. They stuck those in for a bunch of six and eight and 10-yard plays. They popped us with some pistol-fast running out in space and I think sometimes actually we were close but then got blocked on the perimeter. I think there's some times in our run game where our receivers out on the perimeter didn't block as well as theirs. It was a little different, but we still have to make some adjustments."

    On making adjustments at halftime:
    "We talked quickly about certain plays and getting into a rhythm. I thought we could take some shots downfield on them. I think our receivers can go make some plays. We still had a little bit of run mix. We didn't go away from that. In the first half, we had a couple of guys with 15 or 20 yards. We just got into a rhythm that wasn't there in the first half. I think there is a little bit of just being on or off that makes you look really good or just booming. When we are doing our tempo and we go three-and-out, it puts a lot of pressure on our defense."

    On changing quarterbacks:
    "There should be competition all the time and that was my comment to both of them the other day. I told them we're going with Cam (Coffman) because he's been here longer. But I think they're both starters. But like I say if we need a shot in the arm, we just needed a changeup. I didn't think Cam was horrible, but at the same time, just based on the rhythm of the offense it just wasn't working, so I just wanted to try the other guy."

    Indiana Player Quotes

    QB Nate Sudfeld
    On the play of his receivers:
    "We took some shots down the field and they made some incredible plays. It was awesome to see just how great of plays they could make. They made me look a lot better than I felt I was playing."

    On throwing the ball deep:
    "I'm very comfortable. Our receivers make incredible plays in practice and they all have great speed and great hands. All I have to do is throw it up for them."

    On his team's resiliency:
    "We've got a lot of confidence. The defense came out and made some big plays for us in the second half. It was evident that the receivers were out there running hard routes. We never felt like it was over."

    RB Stephen Houston
    On Indiana's two quarterbacks:
    "I was proud of both Cam and Nate. They bring the same style but different mentalities. But no matter who's in the game, we're still going to play the same."

    RB Tevin Coleman
    On scoring the kickoff return touchdown in a return to his home state:
    "It was great to do that in front of my teammates and in front of my family. I was happy they were able to be there and support me."




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